Ezstaurants in Barcelona are restricting serving single customers

In This City, Single Customers are No Longer Accepted on Restaurant Terraces

The professionals of the restaurant sector prefer to privilege the more important additions, namely those of the groups Sitting alone to eat or have a drink has become almost impossible in Barcelona ( Spain ). For several months, restaurateurs have been refusing solo customers on their terraces and favouring groups. An ordeal for the locals, even more so in this summer […]

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Drops of 5-7% on the price of many products should start to show up on supermarket shelves.

Pasta, Oil, Poultry … Price Reductions of 5% to 7% in Supermarkets this Thursday

The Minister Delegate for Trade announced, this Thursday 13th July 2023, that reductions are beginning to be seen the shelves of supermarkets. Others should follow. “We are emerging from a period of very significant inflation, and the decline is beginning,” rejoiced Olivia Grégoire at the microphone of SudRadio, this Thursday 13th July 2023.  The Minister Delegate […]

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A woman hides a burger in her panties for her boyfriend in prison

Nord: A Woman Hides a Burger in her Panties for her Boyfriend in Prison

PRISON BURGER: A woman was arrested in the visiting room of a prison establishment while concealing illicit goods intended for her imprisoned companion At the beginning of last week, a 29-year-old woman was arrested when she came to visit her companion, detained in the Annœullin penitentiary centre, near Lille, in the North. According to our colleagues from La Voix […]

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Inflation is slowly being reduced in France

Inflation: Energy, food… Finally a Lull in the Rise in Prices in May

ECONOMY: Inflation slowed markedly in May to stand at 5.1% year on year, after reaching 5.9% in April and over 6% at the start of the year Good news. After hitting record highs for several months, inflation slowed markedly in France in May. It stood at 5.1% over one year, after reaching 5.9% in April and more than 6% at […]

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Auchan bets on smart and unmanned convenience stores

Lille: Auchan Bets on Smart, Automated and Unmanned Mini-Markets

GRAND DISTRIBUTION: The Auchan group has unveiled its first mini-supermarket prototype allowing customers to do their shopping completely independently without even having to go to the checkout After the Auchan Minute containers, the retail giant presented Auchan Go, a new smart store concept. The technology deployed allows customers to do their shopping naturally without having […]

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Lidl: batches of sweet and savory popcorn recalled throughout France

Lidl: Batches of Sweet and Savory Popcorn Recalled Throughout France

Two batches of McEnnedy brand popcorn, sold in all Lidl stores in France, are subject to a national recall. They would contain too many pesticides. It is the ideal companion for movie nights. Pay attention, however, to the one that is in your cupboards. This Friday, April 28, 2023, the government service RappelConso.gouv.fr launched the recall of two popcorn references. The […]

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A ten percent increase is confirmed by supermarkets by inflation

Inflation in Supermarkets: A 10% Price Increase is Confirmed

On the eve of the end of the annual discussions between producers and distributors, nearly 70% of companies would have reached an agreement with the brands. [Update Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 11:45 a.m.: guest of Franceinfo this morning, Jean-Philippe André, president of the national association of food industries (Ania), confirmed that the annual negotiations were going […]

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Some ideas for cooking leeks

Gratins, Quiches, Pies… Some Ideas for Cooking Leeks

Did you know? Green and white are eaten in leeks. Don’t know how to cook them? Discover our zero-waste tips… What a pity to throw away the green of the leek! It is concentrated in vitamins and nutrients. It contains a lot of beta-carotene, vitamins C, B, and iron… “Yes, but it is impossible to eat”, will you answer us. Not […]

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Salmonella: chipolatas sold at Intermarché recalled throughout France

Salmonella: Chipolatas Sold at Intermarché Recalled Throughout France

Chipolatas sold at Intermarché since the 9th February 2023 are recalled. They could contain salmonella. Bad weather for chipos! Already it’s not barbecue season, and chips have already been recalled this week, some chipolatas recalled by Rappel-conso.gouv.fr. They could contain salmonella, the bacterium at the origin of the Lactalis and Kinder scandals.  The product in detail This is the case […]

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Smoked salmon recalled by Casino everywhere in France

Risk of Listeria: Smoked Salmon Recalled by Casino Everywhere in France

FOOD: The recall of the salmon sold by Casino runs until the 20th January Be careful if you recently bought smoked salmon at Casino. As the holiday season is just over, the retail chain is recalling a potential listeria -contaminated batch reports Capital. The products concerned are trays of smoked salmon raised in Norway and sold under the Casino private label. The trays of 16 […]

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