Smoked salmon recalled by Casino everywhere in France

Risk of Listeria: Smoked Salmon Recalled by Casino Everywhere in France

FOOD: The recall of the salmon sold by Casino runs until the 20th January Be careful if you recently bought smoked salmon at Casino. As the holiday season is just over, the retail chain is recalling a potential listeria -contaminated batch reports Capital. The products concerned are trays of smoked salmon raised in Norway and sold under the Casino private label. The trays of 16 […]

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Super U, Hyper U: Recall of compotes for children everywhere in France

Super U, Hyper U: Recall of Compotes for Children Everywhere in France

FOOD: Small gourds have too high levels of patulin, a mycotoxin dangerous to health Be careful if you have compotes for children in your cupboards. A batch of Mat & Lou brand water bottles, sold in U brand stores, has been the subject of a recall procedure since Tuesday, reports The compotes were marketed throughout France in the chain’s various stores […]

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Ethylene oxide: Snickers, Bounty, Paw Patrol ... Many ice creams recalled

Ethylene Oxide: Snickers, Bounty, Paw Patrol … Many Ice Creams Recalled

Because of this pesticide, classified as carcinogenic, present in too high a content, many big brands and private label ice creams are being recalled again. Heat or not, summer 2021 is definitely not an ice cream summer. As we had already reported in mid-June, a large number of ice cream and product references are still subject to a product […]

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In North Africa, we love baghrir, or thousand-hole crêpes.

Chandeleur: Crêpes are Unanimous Across the Planet

They are called crumpets, pancakes or thousand-hole crêpes … In a salty or sweet version, crêpes delight gourmets all over the world. Let’s go on a trip! The Bretons will tell you that it is in Brittany that we find the best crêpes in the world! It’s hard to contradict them, but Moroccans will tell you that it is in North […]

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Carrefour recalls basmati rice due to the presence of a toxin

Carrefour: The Store Recalls Basmati Rice Due to the Presence of a Toxin

SAFETY: Only large amounts of ochratoxin A can cause health problems, according to Carrefour, which is recalling the basmati rice as a precaution Customers of Carrefour hypermarkets, this reminder concerns you. The French retail group has indeed recalled basmati rice from the Carrefour brand, in a press release dated Friday 8th January, reports Capital. The Italian company Curti, which packages the product, indicated the presence of ochratoxin […]

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Winter fruits and vegetables for healthy eating lifestyle

Leek, Pumpkin, Clementine … Long Live Winter Fruits and Vegetables!

On the kitchen side, is it difficult to indulge yourself in winter? However, there is no shortage of seasonal fruits and vegetables to delight your taste buds and those of your loved ones. Do you have the impression of being in the cabbage as soon as you have to choose the seasonal fruits and vegetables to favour the […]

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If the north of France favors the frangipane, the south prefers the brioche des rois!

It’s Epiphany: Frangipane or Brioche for the Galette des Rois?

Every year, at the beginning of January, young and old alike like to compete for the bean with the galette des rois. Our selection in pictures of the most beautiful galettes and brioches. Whether you like it with an almond or chocolate frangipane, filled with a fruit compote or whether you prefer the brioche des rois, it is […]

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Choose it very yellow, the quince does not ripen once picked.

Recipe Idea: Quince, a Tasty Mix of Apple and Pear

It is the season of the quince, pretty yellow fruit with undeniable nutritional qualities. Alone or as an accompaniment to your savoury dishes, quince wants you good. The fruits of the quince are called golden apples or Cydonie pears. The skin of the quince is however very different from that of pears, it is fluffy and more recalcitrant. Moreover, the quince is eaten […]

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Lidl and Auchan recall bread, brioches, cookies and crackers

Lidl and Auchan Recall Bread, Brioches, Cookies and Crackers

PRODUCT RECALL: Three out of four products sold at Lidl and Auchan are subject to a recall because of the excessively high ethylene oxide content in sesame seeds Several products marketed at Lidl and Auchan are currently affected by a product recall measure, relays Capital. The two brands are calling for not to consume and to bring some […]

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The Snapchat application now helps you choose wine and food

Snapchat: A New Feature to Help you Choose your Wine and Food More Easily

APPLICATION: The app, Snapchat has teamed up with Yuka and Vivino to enable its users to get food and wine information by scanning them Snapchat announced Thursday that it has added features to its app that provide “new ways to eat and consume using the camera.” The social network has teamed up with Yuka and Vivino, tools that respectively obtain information on […]

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