Pays de Meaux: The Aerodrome Wants to Reduce Noise Pollution

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Pays-de-Meaux Aerodrome tring to reduce noise pollution

The inhabitants of the communes close to the aerodrome of Meaux-Esbly undergo the noise pollution of the planes, in particular during the trainings.

At the airshow last June, a charter of good living together was signed between the group of users Meaux-Esbly aerodrome and mayors of neighboring municipalities.

A few days ago, the group, the various flying clubs, the elected officials, the sub-prefect of Meaux and the local residents met at the aerodrome to transmit this charter to the flying clubs.

The inhabitants of Mareuil-lès-Meaux are very embarrassed

Contrary to appearances, it is not the inhabitants of Isles-lès-Villenoy, even the closest ones, who are the most disturbed by the noise of planes, but the inhabitants of Mareuil-lès-Meaux.

The Mareuillois are mostly disturbed by the “lap” that follow the aircraft during the landing phase, or during training.

The planes fly at 250 m altitude

When the apprentice pilots practice, they follow these laps. And several students can fly at the same time, multiplying the noise emitted by planes flying at 250 meters altitude.

To minimise noise, some flying clubs are starting to equip their aircraft with silent mufflers . But this equipment is expensive and can not be generalised to the entire fleet.

The gyros have a wider cone noise than aircraft. These microlights are therefore particularly targeted by residents’ critics. Their pilots were sensitized during this meeting, so that they are more vigilant, especially during the summer period.

A new meeting should be held between the different flying clubs to make concrete proposals for noise reduction in the coming months.

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