Nitrites and nitrates are used for the preservation of processed meat.

Meats: MEPs Look into Removing Nitrites

A parliamentary mission was opened this Tuesday 3rd March 2020 by three deputies concerning nitrites, these disparaged conservatives added in the products of Meats. What does it matter if his “nitrite tax” project was diverted this fall 2019? At the beginning of March, MP MoDem du Loiret, Richard Ramos, will perhaps take his revenge and reopen […]

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The actress Uma Thurman has reduced her consumption of meat

Uma Thurman Has Reduced Her Meat Consumption, but it’s Hard

PEOPLE: The actress, Uma Thurman authorises some gaps for the holidays and on special occasions Uma Thurman decided to significantly reduce her meat consumption, without going so far as to become totally vegetarian . This is certainly what the actress Kill Bill said during her stint on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan show a few days ago. “One of my […]

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Farmers in Nort-sur-Erdre invaded supermarkets to place stickers on milk and meat products

Nort-sur-Erdre: Farmers in Action in Supermarkets

Thursday, farmers, led by farmers’ union FNSEA, have placed “stickers” on dairy and meat products in two stores, to denounce them “too cheap.” Thirty farmers visited Thursday morning, the two supermarkets in the town of Nort-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique). Mickaël Trichet, general secretary of the FNSEA 44 (National Federation of Farmers ‘Unions), explained that it was an […]

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