Seine et Marne: Beware of the Ice this Friday

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Be careful on the roads in the Seine-et-Marne

The roads can be slippery this Friday morning in Seine-et-Marne. So be careful.

It is cold this morning with generally -2 ° C on the department. It goes down to -4.5 ° C in Fontainebleau, indicates Météo77.

The floors are sometimes slippery as in Melun for example and patches of ice can appear on the roads. Meteo France has also placed the department in vigil yellow alert for ice and snow until the end of the morning and the next nigh

Saturday and Sunday , with the arrival of a disturbance, temperatures will resume a little vigor, estimated Meteo France, approaching normal. Precipitation, arriving on cold air could occur in the form of snow or freezing rain down to the plain, especially over a large north-east quarter.

As of Monday , a new offensive of cold air will occur with almost universal morning frosts and temperatures 3 to 5 ° C below normal. In the afternoon, it will average 3 to 4 ° C on the northern half, 6 to 7 ° C on the southern half. Snowfall to the plains is likely, especially on Tuesday.

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