Seine-et-Marne: The Napoleon Park Project Delayed?

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Could the Napoleon Park project in Seine-et-Marne be delayed

It has a budget of 244 million euros that must be brought together to concrete the project led by Yves Jégo. In the current context, difficult to convince investors …

Announced for 2023, Parc Napoléon is still looking to complete its financing plan. During the last Community Council meeting of Montereau (Seine-et-Marne), which carries the project, Yves Jégo had then mentioned a delay in the project, but that it remained topical.

Yellow vests

For the past two months, France has been experiencing a wave of social protest that sometimes manifests itself in violent clashes. Terrible images that are broadcast on a global scale and tarnish the economic image of our country.

What cool potential investors from abroad, especially from China as previously mentioned. ‘C ‘ is an investment 100  % private of nearly 100  million ‘ euros. It is not surprising that investors are sensitive to the risks associated with a difficult social climate “says Yves Jégo.

For 3 days, visitors will be able to discover the way of life of the time
For 3 days, visitors will be able to discover the way of life of the time (© la Rep77)

French society

After a call for public interest demonstration published by the JPAC in June 2018 to operate the Parc Napoléon, a French company has indicated its interest. However, she said she wanted to review the current project.

“To date, the company confirms its interest but has asked for additional delay in the face of investor reluctance, especially in this period of social unrest. The final project will build the model initiated by Montereau adapting to the technological developments of the time ” , says the former mayor of Montereau and current Community Councillor in charge of developing the project.

See you in May 2019

From May 3 to 5, the Château de Motteux, located in Marolles-sur-Seine, will host (as it had already done in June 2017 for some privileged guests) the Days of Napoleon , scenes of life under the First Empire . It’s an event that Yves Jégo already had in mind for a long time since the year 2019 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Napoleon 1st.


On the Facebook page “Scenes of life under the First Empire at Motteux castle”. An event organised by the association Napoleon Motteux, with the collaboration of the Napoleonic Society of the Country of Montereau for the part civil life and the Association Jean Roch Coignet for the military life.

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