The home of Yellow Vests Eric Drouet was vandilised

Seine et Marne: The Home and Car of Eric Drouet of the Yellow Vests Vandalised During the Night

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, the home of Eric Drouet, one of the figures of “yellow vests”, was a victim of vandalism. Returning from work at 3am on Tuesday, Eric Drouet, figure of Yellow Vests , found that his vehicle had two flat tires. Information from Europe 1 , confirmed in the Republic of Seine-et-Marne by the police. The car […]

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Be careful on the roads in the Seine-et-Marne

Seine et Marne: Beware of the Ice this Friday

The roads can be slippery this Friday morning in Seine-et-Marne. So be careful. It is cold this morning with generally -2 ° C on the department. It goes down to -4.5 ° C in Fontainebleau, indicates Météo77. The floors are sometimes slippery as in Melun for example and patches of ice can appear on the roads. Meteo France has also placed […]

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Freezing fog in the Seine et Marne

Seine et Marne: Watch Out for Freezing Fog near Melun

Freezing fogs near Melun in the Seine et Maine reduce visibility. Caution on the roads. This Wednesday 26th December, temperatures fell in Seine-et-Marne.  In Melun, it should not be more than 3 ° C today. Mists, sometimes frosty, have appeared.  [EN DIRECT] 09:13 #Melun – brouillard givrant visibilité 350m. #Météo77 #SeineetMarne. Risque d’impact sur #A6 #N104. Toute la […]

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