Seine-et-Marne, Paris and its small crown in orange alert for heat wave

Heat wave: The Seine-et-Marne, Paris and its Small Crown in Orange Alert

Meteo France has just placed five departments in the Paris region, including the Seine-et-Marne, which is on alert in the heat wave. A heat wave is expected in France this week. In Ile-de-France, temperatures are high in Paris-Petite Couronne and Seine-et-Marne. The maximum temperatures recorded this Sunday 23rd June at 3pm are 30 ° C in the Luxembourg […]

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Be careful on the roads in the Seine-et-Marne

Seine et Marne: Beware of the Ice this Friday

The roads can be slippery this Friday morning in Seine-et-Marne. So be careful. It is cold this morning with generally -2 ° C on the department. It goes down to -4.5 ° C in Fontainebleau, indicates Météo77. The floors are sometimes slippery as in Melun for example and patches of ice can appear on the roads. Meteo France has also placed […]

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Mobilization of the yellow vests in FFontainebleau

Mobilization of Yellow Vests in Fontainebleau this Saturday

Yellow vests again block traffic to the obelisk Fontainebleau this Saturday morning. It seems that yellow vests are mobilising again in Fontainebleau this Saturday 24th November. At 6:30am, Transdev announced that his buses could not run to the obelisk, place of the demonstration last week. Traffic is interrupted on lines 208 and 210. #infotrafic /!\ Point à […]

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More buses in Fontainebleau station to be expected this Wednesday morning

Fontainebleau – Montereau: Transport Strike, A Few More Buses Tomorrow Morning

After a big mess on Tuesday at Fontainebleau-Avon station with buses stormed, some buses will be added at rush hour tomorrow at Fontainebleau and Montereau Still no train, but more buses: after the scenes of rush in station Fontainebleau – Avon Tuesday morning, with buses stormed to go to Melun and the police called reinforcement, Ile de France […]

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