With the Yellow Vests Protests Continuing, En Marche Distributes a Million Leaflets

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The campaign "Ça, c’est du concret" was launched last weekend on social networks. It will now be relayed locally in the markets.

With “Ça, C’est du Concret”, the name of a communication campaign by En Marche launched Friday 23rd November, the party wants to respond to the discontent on purchasing power.

To respond to the discontent over purchasing power, En Marche puts together a package. According to Franceinfo , the movement founded by Emmanuel Macron printed  a million leaflets. They will be distributed by activists on the markets as early as Friday, November 23.

The leaflet was imagined in October

The communication campaign, entitled “Ça, c’est du concret “ , was decided in mid-October and therefore – officially – nothing to do with yellow vests . Confirmed by the press service of Emmanuel Macron’s party:

“It comes to telescope with hot news, but is more about purchasing power. We wanted to make a mark and spend time on emblematic measures. In size, this is the largest this campaign we have been doing since 2017.”

En March anyway responds point by point to the demands of citizens, angry at the rise in fuels and taxes of all kinds, and mobilised since Saturday 17th November.

Declared also on social networks, “Ça, c’est du concret ” indeed presents the measures adopted by the government since the beginning of the five-year period. Sometimes unpopular decisions that the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and his Prime Minister Edouard Philippe have been trying to defend for ten days.

Themes, colours and examples

On the flyer, being distributed in the 2000 local committees of La République en marche, we find a colour for each of the three themes: yellow for the housing tax, blue for the work and pink for the measures in favour of more modest.

Each time, they are illustrated by figures and concrete examples:

  • Employee contributions were eliminated in October 2018. That is +266 euros per year for an employee at Smic;
  • overtime charges will be eliminated within one year;
  • The bonus of activity increases from this year for the employees and independent …
According to En Marche, on the tax notices of October 2018, already 8 out of 10 households have observed a 30% decrease in the housing tax.
According to En Marche, on the tax notices of October 2018, already 8 out of 10 households have observed a 30% decrease in the housing tax. (© On the move)

The hashtag #CaCestduConcret hijacked by the opposition

To challenge the government’s policy, the detractors of En Marche were quick to divert the hashtag #CaCestduConcret. Supporters of insubordinate France in particular taclent En Marche on rising fuel taxes :

Or on the abolition of the wealth tax :

The campaign is also reacting citizens unhappy with the current policy. Some point to the lack of support for organic farmers:

Others point to the problem of accessibility to housing:

And some are sensitive to the impact of these leaflets on the environment:

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