Rising Taxes and Less Purchasing Power: “Yellow Vests” Block Roads

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Fuel protests across France on the 17th November

The “yellow vests” call to block roads and strategic points this Saturday 17th November across the country. We take stock of the regions.

The “yellow vests” call to block roads and strategic points this Saturday 17th November across the country during a “general mobilisation” of citizens unprecedented against the rise in fuel prices, an initiative part of social networks that worries the government.

To paralyse the country by preventing any expense is the means of pressure envisaged by the yellow vests.

At the initiative of the growls, members of civil society who mobilised against rising fuel prices before the grounds for grievance widened to a more comprehensive denunciation of government policy on taxation and lower purchasing power.

As of the 1st January, 2019, taxes on diesel should increase by 6.5 cents per litre and those on gasoline by 2.9 cents.

According to an Odoxa survey conducted this week for France Info and Le Figaro, three-quarters of French people support the movement and 15% plan to participate.

600 cities affected

Disconcerted by this movement of spontaneous citizen defiance of which he does not yet know the extent, the executive tried Wednesday to stop the mobilisation with measures.

Inflexible on the carbon tax – and especially on fuels – Edouard Philippe proposed the introduction of a surcharge (up to 4000 euros) for the conversion for modest households or big rollers, the widening of the check energy, a device to help with electricity and gas costs.

These announcements have not allowed to turn the tide: about 1500 actions are expected in the territory, of which only a hundred were reported, according to a police source.

Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Alsace are the two regions where the mobilization is expected to be the strongest, according to another police source, which states that more than 600 cities will be affected.

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