The Donges refinery near Saint-Nazaire has been on strike since Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Pension Reform: The Donges Refinery Draws out the Strike Before the Day of January 9th

The national mobilization day against the pension reform is scheduled for January 9th. The refineries have been on strike since Tuesday 7th January 2020. Since the beginning of December 2019, at the call of the CGT, the refineries have been on strike from time to time. This time the duration becomes longer. Since this Tuesday 7th January […]

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Demonstration of "yellow vests" on the Champs Elysees, February 16, 2019, in Paris.

Yellow Vests: New Mobilisation Saturday throughout France for Act 15

Yellow Vests back on the street for act 15, hoping to stem the decline of their mobilisation for the last month, with rallies in Paris and throughout France. The yellow vests are back on the streets this Saturday 23rd February for act 15, hoping to stem the decline of their mobilisation for the last month, with new gatherings in […]

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The lawyer in question during the demonstration of "Vests yellow" in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Saturday, January 12, 2019.

Yellow Vests: A Lawyer Arrested in Nancy for Inciting Demonstrators to “Rebel”

A lawyer recalling the rights of protesters at a gathering of “Yellow Vests” in Nancy Saturday was arrested for “incitement to rebellion”. A lawyer, François Vallas, was arrested by police in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) on Saturday, January 12, 2019 during a demonstration of ”  Yellow Vests “, said the prosecutor’s office Sunday. He was placed in custody Saturday for ”  incitement […]

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"Yellow vests" gathered in front of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Bercy, January 12, 2019 in Paris.

Yellow Vests: National Mobilisation Before Three Days of the Great Debate, First Tensions in Paris

The mobilisation of “yellow vests” continues this Saturday in the calm for the ninth consecutive week. The events take place in a calm atmosphere. Three days of national debate supposed to appease their anger, tens of thousands of ” yellow vests ” are again in the streets Saturday everywhere in France for the act 9 of their challenge […]

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Paris expects more violence with Saturday's protest by Yellow Vests

Yellow Vests: The Authorities Expect a Stronger and More “Radical” Mobilisation in Paris

80,000 police and gendarmes will be mobilised in France this Saturday in anticipation of yellow vests events. In Paris, we fear new acts of violence. On the eve of act 9 of the “yellow vests” Saturday 12th January, 2019, the authorities expect a mobilisation “stronger” than the previous week in Paris and “more radical”, said Friday […]

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Where will act 9 of the Yellow Vests protests be

Yellow Vests: Act 9 Will Concentrate in Bourges?

While new rallies are scheduled for Saturday 12th January, organisers are reluctant to maintain the epicentre in Paris or move to Bourges, “center of France”. The imminent launch of the great national debate does not change anything: Yellow Vests are preparing new rallies Saturday, January 12 across France, and seem to want to focus between Paris, theatre of violence last […]

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Eric Drouet, accompanied by his lawyer (g), leaves his custody Paris, January 3, 2018.

Yellow Vests: Eric Drouet is Released from Custody

Eric Drouet was arrested for “organising an undeclared protest” on Wednesday night near the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Two days of an 8th Saturday of events … The yellow Vest Eric Drouet was released from custody on Thursday 3rd January. His arrest in Paris provoked the indignation of the opposition of right and left, two days of an 8th Saturday demonstrations in several cities in […]

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Eric Drouet arrrested for a second time in Paris

Yellow Vests: Eric Drouet Arrested in Paris for Undeclared Protest

ARREST: Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounces the arrest of Eric Drouet as an “abuse of power” … Eric Drouet was arrested in Paris in the evening, report Franceinfo and BFMTV. This figure of “yellow vests” called on Facebook to go to place candles, Place de la Concorde, in tribute to the injured “yellow vests”. He was arrested for “verification of identity” and “participation […]

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Near Rouen, yellow vests block access to oil terminal

Near Rouen, Yellow Vests Block Access to the Oil Terminal

Early Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, Yellow Vests gathered at the entrance to the Rubis oil terminal in Grand Quevilly. They prevented trucks from entering. The truce confectioners will have been short, in the agglomeration of  Rouen  for  yellow vests . Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, about sixty of them blocked a few hours access to the Rubis oil depot in  Grand-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime) . A strategic […]

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The yellow vests intend to protest on New Years Eve in Toulouse

This is what Yellow Jackets have Planned for New Year’s Eve in Toulouse

It is in yellow vests they intend to celebrate the eve in Toulouse. Dozens of people plan to end up in the centre of Toulouse, Monday 31st December, 2018 t is in the center of Toulouse that they intend to celebrate the eve … in yellow vests. On the social networks, a call to the rally is launched on the place […]

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