What to expect from the Yellow vests this Saturday

Act VII Yellow Vests: What Should We Expect This Saturday?

Act VII Yellow Vests is preparing despite the shortness of movement. Is it a temporary reduction of regime before a return after the end of the year holidays? Despite an “act VI” that mobilized little and the holiday season, the ” yellow vests ” call for a seventh consecutive Saturday actions with rallies planned especially in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse or Bordeaux. […]

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Eric Drouet, figure of the Yellow Vests arrested

Eric Drouet, Figure of the Yellow Vests, in Custody

The Melunais Eric Drouet, figure of Yellow Vests, was arrested in Paris this Saturday 22nd December. Saturday, December 22 early afternoon, the Melunais  Eric Drouet , was arrested in Paris on the sidelines of a demonstration of Yellow Vests, explains France Info. He is suspected of illicit organisation of a demonstration on the public highway, carrying a prohibited weapon, […]

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Yellow Vests block the refinery at Donges

“Yellow Vests” in Loire-Atlantique: Fuel Trucks Blocked in Donges

FUEL PRICES PROTEST: The Donges oil depot is blocked by “Yellow Vests” protesters on Monday morning … They had announced their intention to prevent the supply of petrol and diesel. They kept their word. Since 7am on Monday morning, protesters claiming the movement “yellow vests” block the tankers entering and leaving the fuel depot of Donges. The protesters are […]

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Filter dams by yellow vests in Caen

Caen: Yellow Vests Filtering Dams this Monday 3rd December in Caen

The third week of mobilisation of yellow vests starts in Caen (Calvados) with six dams filtering and slowing traffic. The yellow vests continue the filter dams, slowing down the cieculation of traffic in the agglomeration of Caen (Calvados). This Monday 3rd December, 2018, there are six early this morning. Filter dams Roundabout from Lazzaro to Colombelles Roundabout […]

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Nantes: "Yellow Vests" Land on the Tarmac of the Airport 1

Nantes: “Yellow Vests” Land on the Tarmac of the Airport

MOBILISATION: Fifty “yellow vests” were evacuated without incident from the Tarmac of Nantes airport … Fifty “yellow vests” burst twice Saturday morning on the tarmac at Nantes Atlantique airport, said a photographer. About 150 “yellow vests”, according to the police, had gathered in the morning on a roundabout near the airport, filtering cars before deciding to let them circulate. A […]

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Clashes between police and "yellow vests" on the Champs-Elysées, December 1, 2018 in Paris.

Yellow Vests: Incidents on the Champs-Elysées, Several Arrests

This Saturday 1st December is marked by a new day of mobilisation of yellow vests, in the region and in Paris, where the event on the Champs-Elysees is very tense. Third Saturday of national mobilization for the yellow Vests  : the movement maintains the pressure on the government by calling to protest everywhere in the country and […]

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Yellow vests protests in Vannes

Yellow Vests in Vannes: The Situation at 10am this Saturday Morning

Two groups of about forty yellow Vests occupy, since 8 am, Saturday 1st December, 2018, the roundabouts of Kerlann and Sainte-Anne, in Vannes. Traffic is slowed down in Kerlann’s commercial area. More actions are expected in the morning. Around 9 pm, Saturday 1st December 2018 a snail operation took place from the roundabout of the Three Kings, Saint-Ave, […]

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At Atlantheix, in Vannes they do not block traffic, but stay on the scene to show their concerns

Vannes: At Atlantheix Yellow Vests Remain Determined

5pm Friday. The yellow vests installed at the roundabout of Atlantheix have just learned the intervention of law enforcement in Luscanen, Vannes. A young woman comments: “We have the impression that they want to annoy us. Refusal to increase Smic. Refusal to return to taxes. ” The thirty year old works as a waitress in the restaurant. Her neighbour is a worker in […]

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The atmosphere is good at the toll Joué-en-Charnie.

Sarthe: At Tolls, Yellow Vests Collect Tickets to “Send Them to Macron”

Highway tolls in Sarthe, including Joué-en-Charnie and Bailleul, yellow vests pass users. They get the tickets to “send them to Macron” The yellow vests are present at tolls in Sarthe , including that of the Bailleul on the A11and that of Joué-en-Charnie on the A81 , not to mention that of Montabon, this Sunday 25th November, 2018 . They let the users pass for free and collect the tickets to […]

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A new call to protest on the Champs-Elysees was launched by the Yellow Vests for December 1

Act III of the Yellow Vests: A Call to Protest on the Champs-Elysées on the 1st December

On Facebook, a new call to protest has been launched for Saturday 1st December. Yellow vests are invited to gather on the Champs-Elysees, in calm. The roar continues. After Act II Yellow Vests Saturday, November 24, whose rally on the Champs-Elysees was enamelled scenes of violence , a new call to demonstrate on December 1 emerged on Facebook . The motto: “Macron resigns! ” “It will […]

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