Finistere: The Yellow Vests Continue Tuesday 20th November in Brest

Local News
The yellow vests are about to spend another night on the Froutven area in Guipavas, near Brest

The yellow jackets which, in Brest, launched the protest movement, will spend another night in the Froutven area in Guipavas. And announce that they will block again Tuesday.

They are determined to continue the movement. The Yellow Vests , in Brest as elsewhere, launched Saturday 17th November, 2018, the protest movement, initially against rising fuel prices and then against taxes in general but also to ask for more purchasing power, spend a another night on the roundabout side of the Ikea store, in the Froutven area of ​​Guipavas.

Filter dams

They plan new actions early on Tuesday morning, November 20: filter dams, still in the Froutven area and the roundabout Pen-ar-C’hleuz, at the northern entrance to Brest.

This may suggest new  difficult traffic conditions to head to Rennes via the RN 12 and to enter Brest via this axis.

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