The Brest rap group, Frère X 34, has launched crowdfunding for his first album project (© Melina Jaouen).

The Brest Rap Group, Frère X 34, Will Release their First Album

The Brest rap group, Frère X 34 intends to release his first album in the coming months. Crowdfunding has been launched. It’s a crazy bet. In February 2019, the members of Brest’s rap group , Frère X 34 , took the pens. The goal: to make an albumin three months, composed in the ideal of 12 tracks, with titles exclusively unpublished and which will be […]

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Spring like temperatures expected in Brittany

Weather:Spring Temperatures Expected in Brittany, up to 20° C This Week

Temperatures will rise from Thursday, February 21st until the end of the weekend. In Brittany, they should know the season’s records Spring arrives early in Brittany . The region will experience exceptional temperatures for the season starting Thursday 21st February. These weather conditions should be maintained until the end of the month. While regional averages for February are between 9 ° C for Lower Brittany […]

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In Brest, the yellow vests were evacuated from the Recouvrance bridge by the police

Blockade of the Recouvrance Bridge: A Wounded Yellow Vest in Brest

During a surprise operation of the yellow vests in Brest on Tuesday 8th January, 2019, a man was injured in the head during the evacuation of the Recouvrance Bridge by the police. Tuesday 8th January, 2019, around 3pm, about fifty yellow vests positioned on the Recouvrance bridge in Brest to delay the lifting of the bridge, scheduled for the Penfeld entry […]

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Blockade at the Lorient oil depot by Yellow Vests

Yellow Vests: The Oil Deposits of Lorient and Brest Still Blocked

Friday 30th November, the yellow vests and building professionals continue their actions at the oil depots of Lorient (Morbihan) and Brest (Finistère). The Yellow Jackets had announced everywhere: new forms of action would be considered, to maintain pressure on the state, as the call of those of Saint-Brieuc to VAT at 0% in December . CRS in Lorient In Lorient , […]

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24 job offers in and around Brest

Finistere. The 24 Job Offers of the Week in Brest

In health, building, catering … Here are the offers of the week in and around Brest in partnership with Pôle emploi. Building N ° 079ZNYK Building Electrician Post based in Loperhet. CDI. Beginner (e) accepted. Landerneau employment center N ° 079ZHLZ Tiler (s) Post based in Guilers. CDD 2 months. Experience required 5 years. Brest Iroise employment center […]

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The yellow vests are about to spend another night on the Froutven area in Guipavas, near Brest

Finistere: The Yellow Vests Continue Tuesday 20th November in Brest

The yellow jackets which, in Brest, launched the protest movement, will spend another night in the Froutven area in Guipavas. And announce that they will block again Tuesday. They are determined to continue the movement. The Yellow Vests , in Brest as elsewhere, launched Saturday 17th November, 2018, the protest movement, initially against rising fuel prices and then against taxes in […]

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Swimming prohibited at Moulin-Blanc beach in Brest

Brest: Swimming is Prohibited at Moulin-Blanc

Following a problem of repression of sewage, swimming is prohibited beach of Moulin-Blanc (first post) in Brest since Thursday, June 28, 2018 and until further notice. The town of Brest decided on Thursday 28th June, 2018 to temporarily prohibit and until further notice th ebathing  beach of Moulin-Blanc (first post). A decision that follows a defect on a sewage discharge […]

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Finistere has been placed on Yellow Alert for High Winds

Finistere: The Department on Yellow Alert for Strong Winds

This Wednesday, Meteo France forecasts a gradual worsening windy weather throughout the day, in Brittany. Between 4 pm and 1 am tomorrow, the speed of the wind will reach 80 to 100 km/h inland. Enough to place the department on Yellow Alert … The interior of the land will suffer from wind gusts of 80 to 100 […]

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The two elephants roaming free in the port of Brest. | DR

Brest: Two Elephants Wander into Town

Two elephants from Amar circus were seen and photographed running free at the commercial port in Brest. The circus says it was a walk. “It’s nice but impressive.” Big surprise for Yvon downhill drive to the commercial port of Brest, on Thursday afternoon. “I first saw an elephant, against the wall railings. I thought he was attached. Then […]

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