TotalEnergies has decided not to increase fuel above 2 euros for the whole of 2023

Inflation: Can Total’s Decision to Cap the Price of fuel have a Snowball Effect?

SUPERPROFITS:  TotalEnergies has decided not to increase fuel above 2 euros for the whole of 2023. Will other large companies follow suit? On Wednesday, TotalEnergies announced that it would cap the price of petrol and diesel at 1.99 euros for the whole of 2023. A decision which follows an appeal from Emmanuel Macron. The government continues […]

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Speed ​​cameras: New road signs installed on French roads

Speed ​​Cameras: New Road Signs Installed on French Roads

ROAD SAFETY: No reference to the safety of motorists will be indicated On French roads, signs indicating automatic speed cameras appeared in 2003 with the arrival of these devices. Motorists are therefore familiar with these different signs and their meanings. But these will change soon. Thus, all the signs announcing the presence of automatic speed cameras on which appeared the words “for your […]

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Fuel prices to increase

Fuels: A “Runaway” at the Pump Before the Drop in Rebates

FUEL PRICES: Petrol stations out of fuel were much more numerous on Monday than at the end of October, two days before the drop in rebates from the State and TotalEnergies Soon the end of discounts. petrol stations out of fuel were much more numerous on Monday than at the end of October, particularly in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Ile-de-France, […]

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Nantes: One in three motorists fined for non-compliance with the curfew, Tuesday evening

Nantes: One in Three Motorists Fined for Non-Compliance with the Curfew, Tuesday Evening

CONFINEMENT: A police operation stopping motorists took place roundabout from Rennes to Nantes, Tuesday evening, for an hour While the 6 p.m. curfew has been in effect since mid-December, fewer and fewer people in Nantes seem to want to comply with the rule. This is, in any case, the finding of the police, who speak of “relaxation” after a new check carried out Tuesday […]

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Companies of the autoroutes to offer discounts

Autoroutes: 30% Discounts on Tolls from 10 Round Trips per Month

Companies of the autoroutes (toll roads) are committed to offering 30% discounts on subscriptions for motorists who make at least 10 round trips per month. Details. A first answer to yellow vests. Motorists who regularly use the autoroutes will benefit from a lower toll rates , announced the Minister of Transport , Elisabeth Borne, Thursday 17th January. According to her, motorway companies […]

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Several changes are expected for motorists on 1 January (© Actu Toulouse)

Malus, Scrap Premium, Driving Licences … What Changes January 1st for Motorists

Many changes are expected for motorists on the road in 2019, and there will not be only bad news. We take stock of the measures expected. On January 1st, and its share of changes. In early 2019 , some measures will change your daily life for motorists on the road. Some were voted in the wake of the movement of yellow vests to […]

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The yellow vests are about to spend another night on the Froutven area in Guipavas, near Brest

Finistere: The Yellow Vests Continue Tuesday 20th November in Brest

The yellow jackets which, in Brest, launched the protest movement, will spend another night in the Froutven area in Guipavas. And announce that they will block again Tuesday. They are determined to continue the movement. The Yellow Vests , in Brest as elsewhere, launched Saturday 17th November, 2018, the protest movement, initially against rising fuel prices and then against taxes in […]

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Near the roundabout from Noz to Saint-Berthevin, the line of vehicles coming from the ring road of Laval is growing longer

Yellow Vests still Mobilised near Laval

In Mayenne, the yellow vests remain mobilized, Monday 19th November, 2018. An action is underway, Saint-Berthevin, near Laval (in Mayenne), where a filtering dam has been organised since 7.30am. Blocking images. In Saint-Berthevin, near Laval (in Mayenne), the demonstrators did not all hang up their yellow vest, Monday 19th November, 2018. They are now a hundred, […]

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Leaders of Seine-et-Marne call for protests in Paris

Yellow Vests: The Leaders of Seine-et-Marne Call to Protest on the 24th November in Paris

Eric Drouet and Priscillia Ludosky, the two figures from the Seine-et-Marne region of the Yellow Vest movement, are calling for demonstrations on Saturday (November 24th) in Paris Yellow Vests do not intend to stop there. In any case, this is what some emblematic figures of the movement want. Like the road-driver of Melun, Eric Drouet . He made himself […]

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the blocking action by the yellow vests continues this Monday

Yellow Vests: 13,000 Demonstrators on Monday, call for the Blocking of Paris on the 24th November

This Monday morning, the police counted 13,000 “yellow vests” spread over 358 sites, including oil depots. Protesters are now calling to block Paris. “We are also on course! Part of the “yellow vests” decided Monday to continue blocking operations for a third day mainly targeting highways but also oil depots , while the government is inflexible against the growl. The mobilisation “is obviously […]

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