Poverty: One in Five French People do not Eat Well

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Poverty: One in Five French People do not Eat Well 1

According to a survey into poverty in France published by Secours Populaire on Tuesday, some French people can not afford to eat three meals a day and buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not being able to do three meals a day and eat healthy. This is the life of one in five French, according to the latest Ipsos-Secours popular barometer published Tuesday into poverty.

21% of respondents said they were unable to afford a healthy diet that allowed them to eat three meals a day and 27% admitted that they could not afford to buy fruit and vegetables every day.

Difficulties to pay the canteen

But it is among the most modest households that this tendency is most marked. Thus, more than one in two French people whose monthly income is less than 1,200 euros reported having difficulty paying for their children’s canteen, and nearly one in two (48%) find it difficult to obtain food. varied.

Moreover, an overwhelming majority (86%) feel that food insecurity is a sign of poverty.

Generally speaking, the Secours Populaire stresses that the financial situation of some of the French has improved compared to 2017, while pointing out that it is 39% (+ 2% compared to 2017) to declare having already known a situation of poverty.

Doctor, holidays, culture … “problematic” spending items

As for the poverty line, there is no significant change compared to 2017: the French consider that a single person is poor when it has a monthly income less than or equal to 1118 euros, or five euros more than the previous year.

This year again, the survey reveals that holidays and culture remain “problematic” spending items for many French people. They are 41% admit to having a hard time going on holiday once a year (45% in 2017).

And nearly one in three French admits to having a hard time paying for poorly reimbursed medical procedures (56% for the most modest fellowships).

Not enough government involvement

It should also be noted that more than 80% think that their children will be more vulnerable to poverty than their generation.

Finally, just a few months before the European elections, and while the renewal of the European Fund for Assistance to the Poor (FEAD), due to expire in 2020, is not ensured, 75% of respondents believe that the EU “is not does not invest a lot “in the fight against food insecurity.

Survey conducted by telephone from June 22 to June 26, 2018 on a sample of 1016 people representing a representative sample of the French population aged 15 and over.

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