Winter fruits and vegetables for healthy eating lifestyle

Leek, Pumpkin, Clementine … Long Live Winter Fruits and Vegetables!

On the kitchen side, is it difficult to indulge yourself in winter? However, there is no shortage of seasonal fruits and vegetables to delight your taste buds and those of your loved ones. Do you have the impression of being in the cabbage as soon as you have to choose the seasonal fruits and vegetables to favour the […]

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Recipe ideas, Endive cream soup with cheddar.

Recipe Ideas: Let’s Cook Seasonal Vegetables

In winter too, vegetables are good! Here’s how to highlight carrot, leek, endive and other butternut … Endive cream soup with cheddar For 6 people: 4 North Pearl endives, 1 large potato, 50 g grated cheddar, 2 large tsp. fresh goat cheese, 1 cube of vegetable broth, 10 g of butter, 1 tsp. 1 tsp sugar (optional) coffee curry […]

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Five tips for a successful vegetable patch

Garden: Five Tips for a Successful Vegetable Patch

With good weather, we all want beautiful vegetables … but we do not have the land to sow or plant. The solution: the vegetable patch! We tell you everything. Whether you want to grow aromatics, salads or tomatoes, raised gardening obeys certain principles, guaranteeing good results. We explain to you. 1. Choose the structure The gardens squares are often made […]

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Poverty: One in Five French People do not Eat Well 1

Poverty: One in Five French People do not Eat Well

According to a survey into poverty in France published by Secours Populaire on Tuesday, some French people can not afford to eat three meals a day and buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Not being able to do three meals a day and eat healthy. This is the life of one in five French, according to the latest Ipsos-Secours […]

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Moselle and France are on alert for Listeria in Vegetables

Moselle: Checks for Listeria after a Contamination Alert on Vegetables

Vegetables from Hungary may have been contaminated with listeria. Checks were carried out all over France, including Moselle New alert to listeria in the agri-food sector. In addition to  the McDonald’s Caesar salad business, fresh and frozen vegetables from Hungary are also targeted. The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) has ordered the withdrawal and recall of vegetables produced between 13 August […]

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Several stores have decided to recall frozen vegetables contaminated with listeria.

Frozen Vegetables Contaminated with Listeria: Several Brands Recall their Products

Be careful, if you bought frozen vegetables during your shopping these days. Several stores have recalled products contaminated with listeria. Several retail chains ( Carrefour, Auchan, Leader Price, Intermarché, and Lidl) have recalled frozen preparations for vegetables contaminated with listeria, announced  the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control ( DGCCRF) . Listeriosis is a disease that “can be serious […]

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This summer, the prices of fruits and vegetables were lower than last year.

Fruits and Vegetables: Declining Prices after a 2016 Record

This summer, the prices of fruits and vegetables were lower than last year. They had seen a record increase in 2016 after difficult weather conditions, according to the association Rural Families. The Rural Families Association released Thursday its annual barometer of prices of fruits and vegetables . This summer prices on the labels were down 8% for fruit and 7% for […]

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