The DJ Martin Solveig in Free Concert on the Beach of Le Havre

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Martin Solveig will be in Le Havre on 29th September

For 20 years, Martin Solveig has been winning musical successes and has millions of albums sold worldwide. He will be in concert on the beach of Le Havre, on September 29th.

Guest of the LH Forum , newly baptized International Forum of Cities and Positive Territories, the DJ, producer and composer  Martin Solveig  will give a free concert on the beach of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) , Saturday 29th September, 2018 from 7pm.

A big free concert on the beach

Earlier in the day, at 12.30pm, in the large amphitheater of the Volcano, the artist will discuss the influence of territories and hypernomadism on his artistic work. Taking advantage of his stay in the Cité Océane, he will give a free concert on the beach. A service confirmed by the organisers of the event. The opportunity for the city to ignite again.

VIDEO. Hello from Martin Solveig and Dragonette:

VIDEO. All stars , Martin Solveig ft ALMA:

Martin Solveig will succeed the masterful composition of Rhys Chatham, Flamme of Alban Hefi , a show for 100 electric guitars presented in June 2018, as part of A summer in Le Havre. We also remember the arrival of Catherine Ringer and The Woman, musical guests of the festivities organized for the 500th anniversary of Le Havre, in June 2017.

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