Val d’Oise: One Hundred Kilograms of Cannabis Found in a School

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100 Kilos of Cannabis found in a school in Val d'Oise

Two people were arrested Friday at a school in Val d’Oise following the discovery of 100 kilos of cannabis in the same school. A judicial inquiry has been opened.

One hundred kilograms of cannabis were discovered Friday at a school in Bezons in Val-d’Oise , where two people were arrested, police said. The drug was found in “The groupe scolaire Louise Michel, said the prefecture of Val d’Oise, without further details.

Two arrests took place on the spot, according to a police source. According to the first elements, there were “two discoveries” in “two separate places”of the school, added this source. The Paris judicial police is in charge of the investigation.

Plan to fight against drug trafficking

For MP Fiona Lazaar (LREM), this seizure shows that “the work done by law enforcement pays,” but that we must not “lower the guard” .

“While the Minister is preparing a plan to fight against drug trafficking to be presented in July, I reminded him tonight again the importance of maintaining efforts in Bezons and Argenteuil,” she wrote in a statement. announcement announcing the discovery of the drug.

This is not the first time that public infrastructure has been used as a storage facility.

In November 2017, a truck carrying 500 kg of cannabis from Spain was intercepted by customs when it entered the municipal technical center (CTM) of Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). Three men suspected of being involved in this traffic, one of whom was working for the town hall, had been indicted and imprisoned.

A few kilometers away, there are eleven kilos of cocaine, 15,000 euros in cash, a bulletproof vest stolen from the police and several weapons that were found in the municipal technical center (CTM) of Bagnolet in 2013. Seven people in 2014 in this case had been sentenced to up to eight years in prison.

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