6.5 kg of Heroin seized, Main dealer arrested in Charente

6.5KG of Heroin Seized, The Main Dealer Arrested in the Charente

DRUG TRAFFICKING: In the Charente, police have seized 6.5kg of Heroin, guns, cash and arrested 8 people, including the leader of the ring Nice case resolved by the police of Poitiers who rejoiced, last night, on the social networks.  6.5 kg of heroin seized, 300 grams of cocaine, cannabis, seven weapons including two rifles, 6,400 […]

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More than 200kg of cannabis were seized Wednesday, April 10, 2019 by the Research Section of Toulouse.

200 kg of Cannabis, € 16,500 and Weapons: A Vast Traffic between Toulouse and Spain Dismantled

On Wednesday 10th April, 2019, the Toulouse Research Section carried out a major crackdown to dismantle drug trafficking between Spain and Toulouse. The details. After more than a year of investigation, the Research Section (SR) of Toulouse managed to dismantle a large drug traffic between France and Spain, on the night of Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th April, 2019. A convoy […]

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100 Kilos of Cannabis found in a school in Val d'Oise

Val d’Oise: One Hundred Kilograms of Cannabis Found in a School

Two people were arrested Friday at a school in Val d’Oise following the discovery of 100 kilos of cannabis in the same school. A judicial inquiry has been opened. One hundred kilograms of cannabis were discovered Friday at a school in Bezons in Val-d’Oise , where two people were arrested, police said. The drug was found in “The groupe scolaire […]

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4.5 kg of heroin, 260 grams of cannabis resin, 0.5 grams of cocaine, 6 grams of grass, 29 plants of cannabis and the sum of 5,620 euros in cash were seized in Morbihan

Morbihan: Six People Arrested, 4.5 Kilos of Heroin Seized

A large drug trafficking has just been dismantled, on Friday in Morbihan. Six people were arrested early this morning and taken into custody and 4.5 kilos of heroin was seized. A large drug trafficking has just been dismantled, on Friday in Morbihan. Six people were arrested early this morning and taken into custody. They were […]

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At Rennes, a man without a driving licence tried to evade gendarmes

Rennes: No Driving License, He tries to lose Gendarmes Speeding at 200 km/h

ROAD SAFETY: The man ended up just outside Guichen … A 33 year old man was sentenced on Wednesday by the Criminal Court of Rennes and sentenced to six months in prison. He was accused of attempting to escape a customs control on the 21st January at the exit of Rennes Cocaine, heroin … The defendant, […]

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The driver rams the customs officers near Angers

Angers: He Rams Police Blockade at Toll Road, 3.5 kg of Heroin Seized

In the car, 3.5 kg of heroin. A motorist fled after ramming the customs that were at the motorway toll of Corzé, on the A11, near Angers, in the night of Monday to Tuesday. He was on his way back, it seems, from the Netherlands. At about twenty kilometers north of Angers, a motorist came […]

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A British couple sentanced for Drug trafficking at the Channel Tunnel, Pas-de-Calais

Pas-de-Calais: In Financial Difficulties, they agreed to Ferry Cocaine

JUSTICE: A couple of British nationals were arrested in the Channel Tunnel with 12 kg of drugs … Miscalculation. An English couple was sentenced to three years in prison after being arrested in mid-January, with 12.5 kg of cocaine hidden in their luggage at the Channel Tunnel in the Pas-de-Calais, said a judicial source this […]

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Two Frenchmen have been convicted of drug trafficking in Peru

Peru: Two French Sentenced to 15 years in Prison for Drug Trafficking

PERU: They were arrested in possession of nearly 10 kilos of cocaine … They will be expelled from Peru once they have completed their sentences. Two French citizens were sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking by a court in Lima, announced on Tuesday by a source at the Peruvian judicial. The two […]

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Nearly 800 kg of cannabis were seized, in a village in the Landes region of France

Landes: About 800 kg of Cannabis Seized in a Small Village

Traffickers had decided to go through secondary roads of the Landes region, to escape from the police … The 350 inhabitants of Saint-Pierre-du-Mont  near Mont-de-Marsan had certainly never seen such an arrest. According to the Echo Republican, a fast driving vehicle with more than 800 kg of cannabis was stopped in their small village, just […]

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Woman arrested in Marseille for drug trafficking

Marseille: Over 4 kg of Marijuana Seized from a “Nanny”

The drug raid took place in the Castellane … A woman aged 42 was arrested on Thursday morning by police for storing in the apartment she occupies in the city of Castellane drugs and cash, reports the newspaper La Provence . Investigators found that in the apartment of the “nanny”,  4.5 kilograms of cannabis, 365 grams […]

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