Diabetes Screening Operation in Morez and Les Rousses Saturday 9th June

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Free Diabetes screening at Morez and Les Rousses

Diabetes is a silent disease under diagnosed in France, 900,000 people would be diabetic without knowing it.

Starting in April, and for the fourth year in a row, dozens of Lions clubs are organizing a national information and screening campaign, including the Morez Ht-Jura Lions Club.

It’s the LIDER Diabetes campaign, which has already carried out 200,000 screenings, including more than 10,000 adults out of bounds, informed of their risks in the face of the disease, and who had to consult their doctor about any disease. urgency!

This national action 2017-2019 is conducted to detect in particular type 2 diabetes (90% of diabetics), which strikes especially over 40 years. One of the causes of this type of diabetes is an unhealthy lifestyle: stress, too rich a diet, sugary drinks, lack of physical activity …

For other diabetics, there is a hereditary factor: 40% of diabetics with a parent who is diabetic may be themselves diabetic. this rate rises to 70% if both parents are diabetic.

Thanks to the support of partners and the club, the material is made available to the participants, no actor is paid: neither the members of the Lions club which provide the organization and the supervision, nor the nurses of the institutes of formation, doctors and pharmacists or dieticians who make up the medical teams and who inform visitors …

It’s free and fast. The sample is painless and lasts a few seconds. It is a sting at the end of a finger to take a droplet of blood put on a strip.

This one is placed in a reader which, after 5 seconds, displays a figure indicating if you are likely to be diabetic … A mail is done if necessary for the doctor treating.

It should be known that the disease can be detected brutally in case of lack of insulin production (Diabetes Type I), which can cause a diabetic coma.  Type one Diabetics require injections of insulin after eating as their body has stopped producing insulin.

Chronic complications are insidious, for both types, often by obstruction of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis): this will cause disorders in the hands, feet, loss of sensitivity of the lower limbs, but more severely also on the kidneys, muscle heart or the retina.

Free blood glucose tests will be conducted by a medical team, Saturday 9th June from 9 am to 12 midday at the Town Hall of Morez and 2pm to 6pm at Carrefour Market.  At 6:30 pm, a conference will be led by the medical team composed of Drs. Bourgon, Lorenzini and Llorca at the Cinéma des Quinsonnets des Rousses.

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