An 11-year-old girl commits suicide in Val d'Oise, her family denounces harassment

Val d’Oise: 11-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide, Family Denounces School Bullying

SUICIDE: Youngster in Val d’Oise reportedly being harassed by other students at school and on social networks An 11-year-old girl has ended her life on Friday night at Herblay’s family home in the Val d’Oise, reports on Tuesday. Le Parisien. The girl hanged herself on a scarf that she had hung on her bed. She was rushed to Robert Debré Hospital […]

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18 departments placed on Orange alert for thunderstorms

Thunderstorms: 18 Departments of the Northern Half in Orange Alert

Thunderstorms and hail. Meteo France has placed 18 departments in orange alert. Gusts of wind could reach 110 km/h. Eighteen departments, especially in the Hauts-de-France and the Paris region, were placed in orange alert because of forecasts of sometimes violent storms that may be accompanied by hail, said Tuesday Météo – France. This “highly stormy situation (…) requires particular vigilance given its intensity and to the extent […]

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The Ile-de-France has been placed by Météo France at the orange alert level for thunderstorms.

Ile-de-France: Meteo France launches Orange Alert for Storms

Meteo France has launched an orange alert for storms for the entire Ile-de-France. The first are expected around 4pm this Tuesday 4th June This Tuesday, June 4, Météo France has placed the Ile-de-France on orange alert for storms . Are concerned Paris, the Seine-et-Marne, the Yvelines, the Essonne, the Val d’Oise, the Hauts-de-Seine, the Seine-Saint-Denis and the Val-de-Marne. The first storms are expected around 4pm to continue until 8pm. “The risk of intense phenomena warrants […]

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Accident in Pontoise

Val d’Oise: In Pontoise, Car Ends on the Terrace of a Restaurant

Presumably because of a bad manoeuvre, the driver of a car without a license lost control of his vehicle in Pontoise, Saturday 18th May, around 5pm, without doing any injury. “I think the person had to be wrong pedals,” says Jérémie Hamel, one of the witnesses present at the time of the facts.” He shared a snapshot […]

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biker in serious condition after an accident in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles

Val d’Oise: A 53 year old biker in serious condition after an accident in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles

Saturday 18th May, help came after a collision between a motorcycle and a car in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles (Val-d’Oise). The biker seriously injured. While this Sunday 19th May was a regional motorcycle day in the framework of the fortnight of vulnerable users, a motorcyclist was hospitalized in a serious condition following a collision with a car, in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles ( Val d’Oise ). […]

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Meteo France has placed 14 departments on Orange Alert

Snow, Ice, Avalanches or Floods: Meteo France Places 14 Departments on Orange Alert

Fourteen departments were placed on orange alert for snow, ice, avalanches or floods Thursday 31st January. The snow episode starts around 4pm. Caution on the roads! A new snow episode is expected in France this Thursday 31st January, 2019 from 4pm. Meteo France has placed 14 departments on orange alert for snow,  ice,  avalanches or floods. 🔶 14 dpts en #vigilanceOrange Restez informés sur — […]

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Val d'Oise: Ella Lostria, 15, the Rising Star of Dressage 1

Val d’Oise: Ella Lostria, 15, the Rising Star of Dressage

Competing in junior with two years in advance and winner of her first competition as a young rider, Ella Lostria won her first contest at just 15 years old. The mastery of Lostria! Last weekend in Pamfou (Seine-et-Marne), Ella Lostria confirmed that the talent does not wait for the number of years. At only 15 years old, the rider from Ronquerolles won her […]

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Enrico Horn, famous snake trainer dies by snake bite

Val d’Oise: The Famous Trainer of Snakes of the Moulin Rouge Killed by a Bite

Enrico Horn, famous snake trainer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, was found dead in his pavilion located in Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise). The causes of the death odf Enrico Horn were unclear … they are now known. Friday 14th September, 2018, Enrico Horn , famous snake trainer who worked at the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris , was found dead at his home , rue de […]

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Clément Kukla from Val d-Oise, made a no-faults winning 5 km, 4 × 1250 m and 10 km.

Val d’Oise: Swimmer of Sarcelles, Clement Kukla, Crowned in Greece

The swimmer of the Association Amicale et Sportive de Sarcelles (Aass) won the 5 km and the relay 4×1 250 m at the Confederation Cup of the Mediterranean. France Junior Champion of 5 km Gravelines and 800m in Rennes, Clement Kukla was an ideal leader for the France team of open water . The swimmer of the Association Amicale et Sportive […]

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100 Kilos of Cannabis found in a school in Val d'Oise

Val d’Oise: One Hundred Kilograms of Cannabis Found in a School

Two people were arrested Friday at a school in Val d’Oise following the discovery of 100 kilos of cannabis in the same school. A judicial inquiry has been opened. One hundred kilograms of cannabis were discovered Friday at a school in Bezons in Val-d’Oise , where two people were arrested, police said. The drug was found in “The groupe scolaire […]

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