Weather in Lorient: The Stormy Weather Will Threaten the Weekend

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The stormy weather will still threaten Lorient this weekend.

The weather will be hot and stormy in the area of Lorient this weekend. A new stormy thermal depression will go up from Gascony to the south of Brittany.


The stormy front rising from the Bay of Biscay will generate a cloudy sky (high sails and stormy cumulus clouds) in the morning with fast sensations of heavy weather and some showers. Heavy and stormy weather with showers interspersed with clearings at midday.

In the afternoon, the instability is very marked with clearings (more frank on Groix and the littoral fringe) associated with a feeling of humidity-heat at 28 / 30 degrees and important developments of cumulonimbus generating thunderstorms locally strong with hail and heavy showers.

Wind east then south-east weak (gusts 25-30 on Groix) with gusts sustained under thunderstorms. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: west swell <1 m. Min: 13 / 14 degrees; max: 23 / 24 degrees; (from 12 / 13 degrees to 24 / 25 degrees in the countryside). Thunderstorms dissipating in the evening, preceding a foggy sky; 19 degrees at 8pm and 17 degrees at midnight.


Beautiful morning after the rapid dissipation of morning mists. At midday, the generous sun on Lorient and the coastline is accompanied by the development of cumulus in the interior of Morbihan.

In the afternoon, the clearings, beautiful on Groix and the littoral fringe make up with cumulus of stormy aspect more and more imposing north of an axis Guidel-Lanester by generating showers, sometimes associated of thunderstorms by gaining towards the south in the early evening with a feeling of warmth-humidity 27 / 29 degrees upstream.

Wind southwest very weak in the morning, weak western in the afternoon. From Kerroc’h to Guidel: beautiful sea. Min: 14 / 15 degrees; max: 23 / 24 degrees; (from 13 / 14 degrees to 24 /25 degrees inland in the countryside).  17 degrees at 8pm and 16 degrees at midnight.

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