Angouleme: More Than 150 Bikers Shout Their Anger

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Nore than 150 bikers protest in Angouleme in the Charente

On their Helmets and jackets, their slogans in large letters.“The bike is not pollution, but a solution” . “Stop the racket, to stop the punitive ecology “. More than 150 angry bikers expected on the afternoon, this Saturday 14th October to protest and create a snail operation in Angouleme and around, mostly on the RN10.

The procession will end his protest race in the city centre of Angouleme, around 5pm, “anywhere where motorcycles can park” .

At the root of this discontent movement orchestrated by the French Federation of Angry Bikers Charente (FFMC 16): the establishment of restricted traffic areas in major conurbations. “And even in the coming years in Angouleme” predicts Julien Rivoisy, coordinator of the association which has about fifty members in the department.

“It means that eventually, all the older vehicles no longer have the right to move in those areas. Whether it’s cars, trucks, buses, vans, and of course the two or three-wheel . as for us, bikers, they are our gear before 2000 will be banned , “explains the biker pissed. “For false ecological reasons , denounced Sébastien Genestay, member of the board. Because in reality, most of our engines are generally very well maintained, often even better than those of cars.”

FMWC denounce the obligation to affix a sticker on his motorbike to determine the age of the vehicle and potentially penalize offenders. “It costs us € 4.18, which in itself is not a fortune, but it’s the principle , rattle Pierre Boquet, another flagship of the association in the Charente. It’s sick that we pumped some money at every turn. Especially that one sees absolutely no profits, for example roads are still poorly maintained. “

Bikers have the unpleasant feeling of being “extortion” to serve at every cash cow. “If allowed to do so, the government will lay our regulations every month” , fears Sébastien Genestay. “The purpose of the event this Saturday, which followed other movements throughout France, which precedes other next week in the region, Poitiers and Bordeaux, is to remember that no, we are not a brainless band ready to swallow everything. Even if they are less numerous than motorists, bikers have as much right to speak and to be considered. “

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