The state plans to levy a tax of 3 euros on each carte grise issued in France

Soon a New Tax on the Carte Grise?

The government is considering the introduction of a tax of 3 euros on the Carte Grise. Additional revenue to finance pollution controls A “tax” anti-diesel-Gate in the boxes of the State? This is what  Le Parisien,  who announced on Monday the government’s plan, thinks he knows . Three euros more on each Carte Grise ? According to our colleagues, the executive would […]

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Why do the price of fuels in France keep rising

Fuels: Why Pump Prices Will Continue to Rise

Geopolitical context, rising national taxes … fuels for the car is expensive for a few weeks, especially if you drive diesel, and it’s not over. 1.40 euro on average for a litre of diesel . Almost a cent more than last week according to France Info . The unleaded SP95 is close to 1.49 euros, an increase of 0.65 cents. While the SP98 […]

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Nore than 150 bikers protest in Angouleme in the Charente

Angouleme: More Than 150 Bikers Shout Their Anger

On their Helmets and jackets, their slogans in large letters.“The bike is not pollution, but a solution” . “Stop the racket, to stop the punitive ecology “. More than 150 angry bikers expected on the afternoon, this Saturday 14th October to protest and create a snail operation in Angouleme and around, mostly on the RN10. The procession will end […]

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The filling nozzles at the petrol stations contain more bacteria than a toilet seat

Health: Filling Nozzles are dirtier than Toilet Seats

The filling nozzles at gas stations are far dirtier than the toilet seat. Difficult to do worse: they are real nest of bacteria, says a Canadian study. But the steering wheel, is also a problem. 17,500 times more bacteria on a service station filling nozzle than on the bezel of your toilet! It is a Canadian […]

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The speed on the ring road around Rennes will revert back to 90 km/h from midnight

Rennes: Ring Road returns to 90 km/h this Evening at Midnight

For a year, the speed was lowered by 20 km/h on the busy ring road around Rennes … Motorists will be able to adjust their speed on Friday night.  At midnight, motorists can again travel at 90 km/h on the Rennes ring road.  For the past year, the prefecture and the city of Rennes had taken the decision […]

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