A tourist plane landed in an emergency field, Wednesday, May 22, 2019, Pin-Balma (Haute-Garonne), near Toulouse.

Panicked, The Apprentice Pilot Lands in a Field near Toulouse

A young apprentice pilot had to land in an emergency field in Pin-Balma (Haute-Garonne) near Toulouse Wednesday 22nd May, 2019, while he was doing exercises. A great fright, but more fear than harm for the pilot. On Wednesday 22nd May, 2019 , a young pilot who was doing take-off and landing exercises  at the Toulouse-Lasbordes aerodrome offered himself some thrills. No injuries […]

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In Russia, 41 people dead after an emergency landing in Moscow

Russia: 41 Dead after Emergency Landing of a Plane in Moscow

A plane caught fire with 78 people on board during an emergency landing at Moscow-Sheremetyevo airport, in Russia on Sunday 5th May, 2019. Forty-one people died Sunday, May 5, 2019 in the emergency landing of an aircraft of the Russian company Aeroflot , which was fully engulfed with 78 people on board at Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport . “According to the […]

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An Air France Airbus A380 made an emergency landing in Canada

An Air France Airbus A380 Makes Emergency Landing after Engine Problem

An Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing in Canada on Saturday after an incident with an engine. No passengers were injured. Big scare for 497 passengers on the flight from Paris to Los Angeles. Saturday, September 30, an Air France A380 Airbus plane< had an emergency landing in Canada after a “serious failure” […]

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The Air France Paris to Bordeaux was forced to make an emergency landing

Paris-Bordeaux: Big scare … A Plane Makes an Emergency Landing with Engine Fire

TRANSPORT: The fire occurred during takeoff at Orly airport at Paris …  Wake (very) busy on Monday morning for the passengers of flight AF6252 Air France between Paris and Bordeaux. At 7.10am, one of the engines of their plane caught fire during takeoff at Orly, reports BFM TV. Flight #AF6252 from Paris to Bordeaux has declared an emergency https://t.co/NvyRaTkqbb pic.twitter.com/m3n2w8s8Kq — Breaking […]

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Plane had to make an emergency landing on an island in Brittany after losing propeller

Brittany: A Plane Loses its Propeller, makes Emergency Landing on an Island

The couple was unhurt … A Scare on Saturday for a couple in their seventies. As they flew over the Breton coast aboard a small plane, their aircraft lost its propeller in midair, reported Ouest-France. The pilot finally managed to ask urgently for permission to make an emergency landing on the moor on the island […]

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Air France Flight landed because of Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat: An Air France Plane in Emergency Landing in Kenya

A suspicious package was found in the toilet … It could be a bomb. A plane of Air France, from Mauritius to the airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle in Paris, had to land in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Mombasa, Kenya, after the discovery of a suspicious package on board, said the Kenyan […]

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