Air France confirms 465 Job Losses

Air France: The Management Confirms the Plan for 465 Voluntary Job Losses

In the line of the management, Air France ground staff will face 465 job losses spread over its national bases in France First hitch and perhaps the end of the state of grace for Ben Smith: eight months after his arrival in command of Air France peacemaker, the airline announced Monday 13th May, 2019 a plan of […]

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More than 600,000 seats at 39 euros are on sale by Hop! Air France

Hop! Air France Offers More Than 600,000 Seats at only 39 Euros

The airline Hop! Air France is selling, this Friday 15th March, 2019 and until Thursday 21st, 600,000 single trips for 39 euros, to many destinations. The airline Hop! Air France is selling more than 600,000 seats at only 39 euros one way , from several French airports and to many destinations . To benefit, users must make their reservation from the 15th to the 21st March, 2019, for trips […]

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2018 was a record year for Air France-KLM

2018, A Record Year for Air France-KLM, which Exceeded 100 Million Passengers

RECORD: The activity of the Air France-KLM group was nevertheless affected in December by strikes and the movement of “yellow vests” … Great first for Air France-KLM . The giant of the French-Dutch air transport crossed for the first time last year the bar of the 100 million passengers transported, a record obtained despite an internal social movement in […]

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Hop! offers one-way tickets for 35 euros, to be booked Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 January 2019

48 Hours of Promo with Hop! in France and in Europe: 35 Euro Tickets

The promotional offer of the airline Hop! deals with one-way tickets for 35 euros, from and to many airports in France and Europe. We must act quickly… To benefit from the new promotion offered by the airline Hop! , ie one- way tickets to 35 euros, in France and Europe, book on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th January 2019, for trips between 11 […]

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Hop! is offering tickets from 39 Euros

Hop! : Tickets for 39 Euros to Travel in France or Europe this Winter

The airline Hop! launches on the 13th September, 2018 a sale of tickets to 39 euros to enjoy a weekend or a stay in France or Europe Hop! , airline , launches a new price reduction campaign : a one-way trip for 39 euros (excluding service fees) to enjoy a weekend or a stay in France or Europe. Reservations must be […]

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Hop! offers 240 000 flights to 39 euros between September 3 and October 19.

Hop! : 240 000 Airline Tickets for 39 Euros in all France in September

The airline Hop! offers 240,000 seats on sale for the start of the school year. Reservations must be made before July 3, 2018. The airline Hop! offers a promotion on its flights in September with 240,000 seats to 39 euros (excluding service fees) on many lines in France and Europe . Bookings are from the 28th June to the 3rd July, 2018 for trips between […]

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The battle over wages has lasted more than three months at Air France.

Air France: New Episode in the Wage Battle with a Strike from 23rd to 26th June

STRIKE ACTION: The call to strike at Air France, is likely to be “lifted or reinforced” according to the announcements made by the management, warned the unions … The unions of Air France announced on Friday, one month to the day after the fifteenth and last day of strike for wages, a call for a new strike from […]

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Le PDG d’Air France-KLM Jean-Marc Janaillac lors d’une conférence de presse le 4 mai 2018 à Paris

Strike: Air France Plans to Insure Nearly 85% of Flights on Monday 7th May

Air France management plans to provide nearly 85% of the flights on Monday, the fourteenth day of a strike by pilots. The mobilization of pilots has got weaker and weaker. The management of Air France plans to ensure “nearly 85%” of the flights Monday, the fourteenth day of a strike episodes , which sees the mobilization of pilots to the […]

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Strikes at the SNCF and Air France converge at the end of the week

Strikes at SNCF and Air France Converge Again at the End of the Week

The strikes at the SNCF and Air France will converge Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May. Trade unions, management and government are currently standing on their position. The weekend will again be marked by disruptions in transport , the strikes at the SNCF coinciding with that of Air France Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May, without any clear prospect of […]

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Unions have announced four more days of strike action at Air France for May

Air France: Pilots Announce Four Days of Strike Action in May

On the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th May, the Air France unions call again for a strike, after 11 days of mobilization, for a rise in wages Three Air France pilots’ unions announced on Wednesday that they have filed a new strike notice for May 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th to weigh in the negotiations for wages. “We […]

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