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Charente: A Cyclist Seriously Injured on the D1000 in Ruelle

A cyclist, whose identity could not be established, was seriously injured on the D1000, on Wednesday, shortly before 4.30pm at Ruelle in the Charente

The man, aged between 70 to 80 years old went back towards Ruelle riding his bike.  At Brébonzac, he abruptly changed direction as if to turn around on the road.

The driver, british, driving a Renault Kangoo following him was surprised by the manoeuvre. He could not avoid the cyclist who was knocked to nearly three meters high, according to a witness at the scene.

The victim was struck in the middle of the road, fell heavily on the emergency lane on the left of the road.

Suffering from a brain injury, supported by a team SMUR Angoulême, the cyclist was transported to the University Hospital of Poitiers by firefighters, bikers escorted by the police station.

The police will have to determine why the victim is engaged in this hazardous manoeuvre.  According to investigators, the man should never have been there. The D1000, ring road east of Angouleme is forbidden to cyclists.

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