Road accident in Nersac

NERSAC: Drunk, She Falls Asleep at the Wheel and Miraculously Survives

ACCIDENT: The car ended its race on the roof after hitting the wall of the school in Nersac The car ended its race on the roof after hitting the wall of the school in Nersac (Charente). A motorist lost control of his vehicle shortly before 5 a.m. on Sunday, July 12. The driver, apparently unharmed, was […]

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Citroën played leapfrog in accident at Angouleme

Angouleme: Serious Accident at Girac

CHARENTE: An accident at Girac near Angouleme caused delays Yesterday evening Wednesday around 7:30 p.m., the Citroën C2, driven by a young man, arrived from the RN 10 via the exit ramp. Between the Girac roundabouts, she jumped the small embankment that separates the tracks. It hit hard (Photo CL) a Mercedes arriving in the opposite direction […]

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A woman died in a car accident in Saint-Gaudent

Vienne: 48 Year Old Charente Woman Dies in Road Accident at Saint-Gaudent

ROAD ACCIDENT: A 48 year old woman from Charente has died in a road accident at Saint-Gaudent in Vienne A 48-year-old Charentaise, living in Les Adjots, died in a road accident in Saint-Gaudent (Vienne), on the night of Friday 27th December to Saturday 28th December, according to our colleagues from La Nouvelle République. The firefighters were […]

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In the Charente at Jurignac, three injured in a road accident

Charente: Three Injured in an Accident on the RN10 at Jurignac

ACCIDENT: A road accident happened on the RN10 at Jurignac in the Charente An accident involving a single car occurred this Thursday morning around 9:30 am, on the RN 10 near Pont à Brac, in the town of Jurignac. Three people were slightly injured. The firefighters intervened on the spot. The accident occurred in the Bordeaux-Angoulême […]

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A road accident occurred Friday, November 22 in Hennebont.

Hennebont: Two Cars Hit into Each Other, Two Injured

A road accident occurred on Friday 22nd November 2019, at approximately 9:15 pm, at the corner of Guiriel Street and Pasteur Avenue in Hennebont. Two people were transported to the Scorff hospital. The accident occurred around 9:25 pm on Friday 22nd November, at the corner of Guiriel Street and Pasteur Avenue in Hennebont. Two cars collided. He involved […]

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The road is blocked between Villiers-Charlemagne and Houssay. in the Mayenne

Mayenne: A Truck Blocks the Road between Villiers-Charlemagne and Houssay

A truck blocks the road between Villiers-Charlemagne and Houssay (Mayenne) Tuesday 19th November 2019. Traffic should be restored late afternoon. Since noon, Tuesday 19th November 2019, the road is blocked to traffic between Villiers-Charlemagne and Houssay (Mayenne). A truck loaded with corn is stuck in the ditch after a bad maneuver. The latter being bogged down, it is necessary to empty the contents of the […]

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The accident of a bus of the company Flixbus took place between Amiens and Saint-Quentin in the Somme

Somme: A Bus Accident makes 33 Wounded including Four Serious

ROAD ACCIDENT: The accident of a bus from the company Flixbus took place between Amiens and Saint-Quentin (Somme) Update, Sunday at 5pm: Among the passengers include eleven British, three Americans, two Spaniards, an Australian, a Dutch, a Romanian and a Russian. In a statement, Flixbus said it was in “close contact with the local authorities to […]

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Two new fatalities occurred in Gironde Friday 1 st November 2019; this time at Neac, near Libourne, and at Verdon-sur-Mer, in the Medoc.

Gironde: Two New Fatal Accidents on the Roads of the Department

The black series continues. Two more deaths on the roads of Gironde, Friday 1st November 2019. Two new deaths on the roads of Gironde are regrettable. Friday 1st November 2019, to Néac near Libourne , at the wheel of his vehicle, a man was killed by hitting another car. The deceased was 81 years old. Another accident, this time in the Medoc , as detailed France Blue […]

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The accident occurred at the commune of Chars (Val-d'Oise).

Val d’Oise: 53 year old woman dies after a violent collision on the D915 at Chars

Three people, including the deceased woman, were rescued from the rescue. Two men were transported in absolute urgency. She could not be revived despite the rapid intervention of relief. This Friday, October 4, 2019, at 5:28, a violent collision occurred between two vehicles, on the D915 at the municipality of Chars ( Val d’Oise ). Three people had to be extradited by firefighters. A 53-year-old woman was declared […]

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Near Châteaubriant, at Derval, a truck ends up in a ditch

Near Châteaubriant, A Truck Ends In A Ditch

In Derval, near Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) a truck and its load finished their trip in a ditch, Wednesday 2nd October 2019. A deviation was put in place. It is a rather unusual traffic accident that occurred Wednesday 2nd October 2019, shortly after noon, in Derval (Loire-Atlantique), at a locality called La Touche. A truck has indeed ended its race in the ditch. The truck […]

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