Florent Pagny has Decided to Settle in Portugal

Florent Pagny has decide to settle in Portugal

MOVE: The singer, Florent Pagny has decided for “real tax reasons” …

Failing to sell his soul to the devil, Florent Pagny from Portugal. In an interview with leparisien last Friday, the singer says he left France for tax reasons “There is no inheritance tax, no wealth tax and especially no tax royalties for ten years, all the artists began to settle there,” he says to the daily newspaper.

“There are limits not to exceed”

The artist, back with a new disc Le Présent D’abord, then referred to the French situation, which pushes Stars to flee and took the opportunity to shout at Emmanuel Macron: “Change the rules to keep people coming back. At one time, there are limits not to be exceeded and that’s why everyone is gone. ”

His decision thus echoes the title Ma Liberté De Pensée (My Freedom Of Thought), where he evoked his troubles with the French tax authorities.

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