Theresa May will not Resign after Brexit in 2019

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Theresa May will not resign after brexit in 2019

Theresa May will remain British Prime Minister after Brexit, expected in 2019. She dismissed rumors by the BBC on Thursday 31st August about a potential resignation on the completion of the exit from the European Union.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, said on Thursday, she plans to remain at the head of the Conservative Party until the next parliamentary elections in 2022 to cut short the rumors about a possible resignation in 2019, when the UK should leave the EU.

There is “absolutely no basis for this information,” said Ms. May on Sky News TV.  In another interview with the BBC, which questioned her on the intention to lead the Conservative Party in the next general election, she responded: ” Yes. I’m here for the long term “ .

“And that’s crucial. What I and my government want to do is not only keep our promises on Brexit. We want a better future in the UK “, as she left on a visit to Japan .

A disputed leadership

The conservative leader has seen his authority seriously weakened after its setback in the parliamentary elections of the 8th June, when it lost its absolute majority in Parliament, even though she had called the elections a year in advance of the necessary date, hoping to get reinforced to negotiate the release of the European Union with Brexit.

This failure has undermined her leadership within his party and calls for the resignation multiplied.

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