Boris Johnson.on Brexit

UK: Favourite to Succeed May, Boris Johnson Refuses to pay Brexit Bill

The UNITED KINGDOM: “The money will be kept until we have more clarity on the way to go,” said Boris Johnson on Brexit Boris Johnson, considered the favourite to succeed Theresa May, warned Saturday that if he became Prime Minister, he would refuse that the United Kingdom pays the Brexit bill until the European Union agrees to better terms. withdrawal. “Our friends and partners need to […]

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On Brexit, is this the end of Theresa May, as another minister resigns

Brexit: It Feels Like the End for Theresa May, Another Minister Resigns

The Minister for Parliamentary Relations, Andrea Leadsom, resigned over Brexit on Wednesday 22nd May, 2019, further weakening the position of Theresa May The exit door seemed closer on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 for British Prime Minister Theresa May, whose “last chance” plan to implement Brexit did not convince her majority or the opposition, and earned her a new resignation in her […]

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Theresa May ready to grant a new referendum to break the Brexit deadlock

Brexit: Theresa May Ready to Grant a New Referendum to Break the Deadlock

The Prime Minister says it is the “last chance” to meet the will of the British, who voted 52% for the exit of their country from the EU with Brexit. The British Prime Minister announced on Tuesday a series of compromises, including the possibility of voting on a second referendum and the continuation of a temporary customs union […]

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Theresa May to try another Brexit Vote

Brexit: Theresa May Announces She Will Make a “Daring Brexit Offer” (Last Chance)

UNITED KINGDOM: “I still believe that it is possible to obtain a majority in Parliament for an exit (from the EU) with a Brexit agreement,” writes the Prime Minister in a forum British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday that she was preparing to make a “bold offer” to elected officials, in a final attempt to get them […]

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United Kingdom hopes to approve Brexit agreement before July

Brexit: UK Hopes to Adopt Brexit Agreement by July

The British government still hopes to prevent elected members of the United Kingdom from sitting in the newly-elected European Parliament with an agreement on Brexit The British government hoped on Tuesday to be able to pass its Brexit agreement before July. Downing Street has set a new timetable, saying it wants to agree before the first plenary session of the European […]

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Mark Zuckerberg and Emmanuel Macron discuss how to regulate Facebook

How to Regulate Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg Meets Emmanuel Macron

The boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was in Paris this Friday 10th May, 2019 to discuss with Emmanuel Macron ways to combat hate content Emmanuel Macron and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg discussed Friday, May 10, 2019 at the Elysee ways to fight against hate content , while the pressure is intensifying to regulate social networks and especially Facebook. France plans […]

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A delay of six months for Brexit has been offered by the European Union

Brexit: A Delay of Six Months offered to the United Kingdom

On the night of Wednesday 10th to Thursday 11th April, 2019, European leaders have validated the postponement of Brexit, up to the 31st October. European leaders and Theresa May agreed on the night of Wednesday 10th April to Thursday 11th April 2019 for a postponement of Brexit. She can go until the 31st October, temporarily dismissing the […]

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Theresa May meets Emmanuel Macron to negotiate a postponement of Brexit

Brexit: Theresa May Meets Emmanuel Macron Tuesday Night in Paris

To plead a new postponement of Brexit, the British prime minister meets the French president on Tuesday, after Angela Merkel in Berlin and before a summit in Brussels. The week promises to be decisive for Theresa May and the Brexit issue . The British Prime Minister travels to Berlin and Paris on Tuesday 9 April 2019 on the eve of a European summit where […]

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Cross party Brexit talks are to resume tonight

Jeremy Corbyn says “There’s no new Brexit Deal yet Because Theresa May won’t Compromise”

Cross-party talks between Labour and the Government resumed on Monday night after days of little to no progress on Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn blamed Theresa May for the two sides failing to come up with a new Brexit deal yet because she won’t give up her ‘red lines’. Meanwhile Tories have confirmed they are already preparing […]

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