Brexit: Amber Rudd slams the door of a British government in crisis

Brexit: Amber Rudd Slams the Door of a British Government in Crisis

Employment and pensions minister, Amber Rudd, announced her resignation on Saturday 8th September 2019 in disagreement with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy. The UK’s Minister of Employment and Pensions, Amber Rudd, announced her resignation on Saturday 8th September 2019, in disagreement with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy, which is brewing into a political crisis. ” I can not stay […]

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Boris Johnson loses absolute majority in Parliament over Brexit

Brexit: Boris Johnson Loses Absolute Majority in Parliament after Defection of MP

UNITED KINGDOM: Conservative MP Phillip Lee joins the Pro Europe Liberal Democrats Party, leaving Boris Johnson without a Majority in the British Parliament British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost on Tuesday his absolute majority in Parliament, which was only one vote, after the defection of Conservative MP Phillip Lee, who joined the pro-Europe Liberal Democrats Party. “The Conservative government […]

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The new British prime minister, Boris Johnson had his first election defeat in a by-election

United Kingdom: First Election Loss for Boris Johnson

The new British prime minister, Boris Johnson had his first election defeat in a by-election, bringing his parliamentary majority back to a single vote. New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered his first setback at the polls, a party defeat in a by-election that reduced his weak parliamentary majority to just one vote, complicating his […]

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More Brexit problems for Theresa May's government

Brexit: Another Snub in a Vote for Theresa May’s Government

The British government of Theresa May lost another vote in Westminster against the British MPs. In case of rejection of the UK Brexit withdrawal agreement from the European Union, 10 Downing Street will have to propose an alternative plan in the following days in Westminster. Theresa May goes from bad to worse. The British Prime Minister lost a […]

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Theresa May will not resign after brexit in 2019

Theresa May will not Resign after Brexit in 2019

Theresa May will remain British Prime Minister after Brexit, expected in 2019. She dismissed rumors by the BBC on Thursday 31st August about a potential resignation on the completion of the exit from the European Union. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, said on Thursday, she plans to remain at the head of the Conservative […]

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The Conservative Party Theresa May could lose its majority in Parliament while the Labor Party could win thirty seats according to a recent survey

UK: Theresa May could lose her Majority in Parliament

A poll gives the conservative party of Prime Minister, Theresa May, a defeat in parliamentary elections to be held on the 8th June in the UK. The British Conservative Party of Theresa May is forecast to to lose absolute majority in the House of Commons after the general elections of the 8th June, wrote on Tuesday, the […]

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