Does Elisabeth Borne have the right to vape in the Assembly and Senate

Does Elisabeth Borne Have the Right to Vape in the Assembly and the Senate?

Antoine Léaument, an LFI deputy, was moved to see the Prime Minister on Monday, electronic cigarette in hand during a vote. Elisabeth Borne is however not authorized to vape within the two assemblies Present in the Assembly on Monday due to the vote of a statement of censure against her government, Elisabeth Borne was seen with […]

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What if the Assembly had not said its last word on Pension Reform

Pension Reform: What if the Assembly had Not Said its Last Word?

PENSION REFORM: The group of deputies various left and various right Liot has tabled a bill to repeal the postponement to 64 of the legal retirement age The pension reform was promulgated on April 15 by Emmanuel Macron. But the National Assembly, which was never able to decide during a vote on the text, could […]

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French president Emmanuel Macron

Nearly Three out of Four French People Dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macron, According to a Poll

Only 26% of respondents say they are satisfied with the head of state, Emmanuel Macron Nearly three out of four French people are unhappy with Emmanuel Macron, whose unpopularity due in particular to the pension reform is bordering on records since the “yellow vests” crisis in 2018, according to an Ifop poll for the Journal du Dimanche released […]

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Emmanuel Macron Monday evening at the Elysée

One Hundred Days “to Act” … The Essence of Emmanuel Macron’s Speech

RECAP: The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron spoke in a speech this Monday evening at 8 p.m. Emmanuel Macron spoke during a thirteen-minute speech on Monday evening to try to close the “sequence” of the pension reform. An intervention during which the President of the Republic did not make any big announcements – it was expected – but […]

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With 32% of French people satisfied, Macron's popularity at its lowest for three years

Poll: With 32% of French People Satisfied, Macron’s Popularity at its Lowest for Three Years

BAROMETER At 29% favourable opinions, Elisabeth Borne recorded her lowest level since joining Matignon last May. While France is animated by the conflict over the pension reform, the popularity rating of the executive continues to crumble. That of Emmanuel Macron thus sank by two points in February to reach its lowest level in three years, with 32% of French people […]

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Strike of February 16: With the pension reform, is the CFDT becoming radicalized?

Strike of February 16th: With the Pension Reform, is the CFDT Becoming Radicalized?

UNION: The CFDT is showing great firmness in the face of the pension reform carried out by the government, far from its attitude during the precedent of 2019 or during the term of Hollande. A turning point for the reformist union? The CFDT, a union traditionally seen as reformist and conciliatory with the government, strongly opposes […]

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Twitch, Clubhouse… Why politicians are launching on these “new” social networks

Twitch, Clubhouse… Why Politicians are Launching on These “New” Social Networks

DIGITAL: To reach a younger audience, or more targeted, politicians invest these social networks, like Jean Castex, who will be interviewed on Twitch on Sunday One year before the presidential election, more and more politicians are launching into new social networks. Prime Minister Jean Castex will give an interview on Sunday on the Twitch streaming platform, […]

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Boris Johnson has received a call from Joe Biden

Boris Johnson, First EU Head of Government to Receive a Call from Joe Biden

PHONE CALL: New US President Joe Biden has sharply criticised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the past Boris Johnson and Joe Biden agreed on Saturday to deepen ties between the two countries, in their first telephone interview since the second’s inauguration as President of the United States. The British Prime Minister also congratulated Joe Biden on his inauguration. According to […]

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Marine Le Pen, in Hénin-Beaumont on November 11, 2020.

Marine Le Pen Expresses the Wish to “Put France Back in Order”

NEW YEAR: “It is the wish that we form for our dear motherland as we enter this new year”, declared Marine le Pen, the president of the Rassemblement National “All together we can put France back in order. “The head of the Rassemblement National and 2022 presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Thursday expressed the wish to” put France back in […]

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Presidential election in the United States: a Republican will block the certification of Joe Biden victory

Presidential Election in the United States: a Republican will Block the Certification of Joe Biden’s Victory

SUPPORT: Senator Josh Hawley is the first to tell the majority Republican upper house that he will object to the certification of the presidential result Several Republican elected officials of the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, have already announced that they intended to object to the certification of the Democrat’s victory, still contested by Donald Trump. But Senator […]

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