Return to the heat wave in Nantes: The Rules

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To overcome the heat, kids can enjoy a nineteen wading pools in the city of Nantes

It will be very hot today and tomorrow in Nantes. To cope with the heat wave, the young and the elderly should follow some simple tips and learn about the services that are offered.

Periods of hot weather are difficult to endure and dangerous for the most vulnerable people. It is necessary to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoid alcohol during the day.

Older people have an interest in taking showers regularly at home. The little ones can enjoy the swimming pools and wading pools Nantes.

Beware of the frail and elderly

As much as possible, we must stay out of the heat by avoiding going out during the hottest hours (11 am -9pm). Outside, it is important to put in the shade under a tree or by wearing a hat. Light clothing, loose and light-colored are preferred.

The frail, elderly and disabled people living at home can register on the record heat wave to be contacted by the city in case of hot weather.

To register on the Heatwave warning register here or at 02 40 41 90 00.

If you witness discomfort, contact 15.

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