Burger King opens its Largest Restaurant in France

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largest Burger King Opens in France
largest Burger King Opens in France
Paris 16 December 2013. Opening a Burger King fast food in Paris Saint Lazare station. First store opened in France for 15 years. Crowd. sandwich. Fast food. – A. Gelebart / 20 Minutes

Back in France since late 2012, the King Whooper now has 23 restaurants in the country …

After months of work, Burger King opened yesterday, Wednesday its largest restaurant in France in the Commercial area of Quatre-Temps in the business district of La Defense.

Covering an area of ​​900 m²

Ninth restaurant brand in Paris, it will create 150 jobs, said a statement from the group.  Covering an area of ​​about 900 square meters, it can accommodate 250 people with 3 kitchens and 12 control terminals.

“We wanted to open a restaurant in the commercial zone of Quartre-Temps for a long time, it is an important crossing point in our development,” said Jocelyn Olive, CEO of Burger King France to the newspaper Le Parisian ,  The rival to McDonald’s and Quick returned to France in late 2012 after five years of absence, the paper recalls. Since then, the fast-food chain continues to expand.

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