Jodie Whittaker Reassures Fans of “Doctor Who”

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Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the 13th Doctor Who

TELEVISION SERIES: British actress answers some comments …

The British television series Doctor Who has the right to a new hero, the 13th since the beginning, or more exactly a heroine. This is, for the first time, a woman. The BBC yesterday unveiled the new spot in a broadcast after the men’s final of Wimbledon. Highly anticipated, the insert revealed that the actress Jodie Whittaker, especially seen in the series Broadchurch and Black Mirror, will be the next Doctor.

This announcement sparked a lot of reactions, some delighted, others less so.

Well aware that his appearance would arouse much comment, Jodie Whittaker has answered her critics. “I want to say to the fans not to be afraid of my kind. Because it’s a really exciting time, and Doctor Who represents all that is exciting in change. Fans have experienced so many changes, and it is still a new one, a different one that is not scary, “said Jodie Whittaker to the BBC.

A dark secret for an actress to angels

Jodie Whittaker and takes over from Peter Capaldi. If the announcement surprised the fans, it was hard for the actress to secrecy. “I got caught up in a web of lies that will come back to me in the face when it will be announced,” she told, adding that it had been a stressful secret to hide.

Jodie Whittaker is certainly pleased today to become the new Doctor. “It’s really exciting, as a feminist, that a woman, actress, human being, as a person who always pushes, which is challenging, not be limited to this small box in which wants to put you. It’s incredible. “

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