Weather: A New Heatwave Expected Tuesday with Temperatures up to 38 ° C

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Heatwave weather is expected Tuesday, with up to 38 degrees forecast

WEATHER is expected between 30 and 35 ° C on the northern half of the country from 34 to 38 ° C in the southwest and between 32 and 36 ° C is the center …

The scorching temperatures are back! Another episode of high temperatures is indeed expected on Tuesday, warns Météo France. The temperature may rise to 38 degrees.  “Tuesday will be the hottest day. From early morning, the minimum temperatures will be between 18 and 20 degrees in many areas, and the maximum increase further, “said the Meteorological Institute in its bulletin.

In detail, we expect between 30 and 35 degrees on the northern half of the country from 34 to 38 degrees in the southwest and between 32 and 36 degrees is the center. The first storms are likely in the west in the morning, individual storms can also break during the day, says Meteo France.

No heatwave

The intensity and duration of this episode does not allow it to officially be called a heatwave, as although the temperatures will be scorching, the duration of this hotter weather should not last beyond Wednesday, warns Meteo France .

Faced with this episode of heat, health officials recommend that people be particularly vigilant in transport , including providing to pack for any travel by car or train sufficient amounts of water.

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