Loire-Atlantique: Extreme Fire Risk Warning on Tuesday

Local News
An extreme Fire risk warning has been issued for the Loire-Atlantique

The fire alert risk warning for vegetation goes to extreme level in the Loire-Atlantique for Tuesday 18th July, due to the drought. Today, Monday 17th July was already in the red.

In a tweet, the  county fire service and emergency Loire-Atlantique (SDIS 44) indicates that this Tuesday, July 18, “ the Loire Atlantique passes extreme fire risk level.”

“Vegetation fire risk is always strong in the summer but with the drought, it is even more important, amplified by the wind” , explained the fire department.

Between Sunday and Monday, firefighters have multiplied interventions on wildfires in the department. On Monday afternoon yet, they intervened in Ligné, near Ancenis for a wildfire.

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