A previous demonstration favorable to the reunification of Brittany to five departments, Nantes, September 24, 2016.

Loire-Atlantique in Brittany: A Demonstration Saturday, but Without the Initiators of the Petition!

The five-province pro-Brittany sphere will once again be calling for the holding of a referendum on reunification in the streets of Nantes on Saturday (September 28th).  The five-province pro-Brittany sphere will once again be calling for the holding of a referendum on reunification in the streets of Nantes on Saturday (September 28th). It will be done […]

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A young man from Nantes travelling from Ancenis Miraculously survives accident

Ancenis: A Young Man from Nantes Miraculously Survives a Violent Accident on the A11

ROAD ACCIDENT: Early on Sunday morning , a severe accident occurred on the A11 motorway close to Ancenis.  The driver, a twenty year old from Nantes miraculously survives after the car exploded At around 5.45 am on Sunday 22nd April, a violent accident occurred at Ancenis, on the A11 motorway in the direction of Nantes-Angers. A driver […]

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Unemployment in the Loire-Atlantique rose in July

Unemployment on the Rise in July in Loire-Atlantique

In July, the number of job seekers with little or no work at all, rose 1.4% in July from the previous month in the Loire-Atlantique department. It goes up. The monthly unemployment figures issued by the Pole emploi is not easy to interpret. The figures of July are not rosy. 1.4%. It is the increase in the number […]

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Manitou shows a double digit growth for the first half of 2017

Manitou, A double-digit growth in the First Half of 2017

With + 17% compared to the period January-June 2016, the Manitou Group, headquartered in Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique), after displaying an “excellent” first half of 2017. “The group has an excellent half with strong growth in activity resulting from acceleration in global markets, including rental companies, and strengthening our performance because of market share recognized products and […]

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An extreme Fire risk warning has been issued for the Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique: Extreme Fire Risk Warning on Tuesday

The fire alert risk warning for vegetation goes to extreme level in the Loire-Atlantique for Tuesday 18th July, due to the drought. Today, Monday 17th July was already in the red. In a tweet, the  county fire service and emergency Loire-Atlantique (SDIS 44) indicates that this Tuesday, July 18, “ the Loire Atlantique passes extreme fire risk level.” […]

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The orange alert, heatwave warning continues in the Loire Atlantique

Loire Atlantique still on Heatwave Orange Alert

This month, could be among the five hottest months of June since 1900 in the Loire Atlantique. Since the weekend, the heat wave has settled. The heat wave is expected to last until Thursday 22nd June Temperatures will continue to rise early this week, reaching 35.6° C.  The Loire Atlantique department was placed on orange alert […]

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14635 students are taking their Bac this year in the Loire Atlantique

14635 Students Taking Their BAC this Year in Loire Atlantique

The bac exams have already started, with the different options. But it’s really starting on Thursday that the marathon of the Bac. With the philosophy and Technology for candidates for general 8357 students come to the general baccalaureate, all segments combined, in the Loire Atlantique. They are in 2710 for the technology Bac and 3568 for the professional […]

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More than a million people will vote in Legislative elections in Loire Atlantique

Legislative Elections: More than a Million Voters in Loire-Atlantique

In Loire-Atlantique, more than a million voters are asked to vote on Sunday in the first round of legislative elections. They have the choice between 156 candidates, a total of ten districts. How many districts in Loire-Atlantique? The Loire-Atlantique is divided into ten districts. 1st: Nantes, Orvault Sautron. 2nd: Nantes center. 3rd: Nantes, Saint-Herblain, Saint-Etienne-de-Montluc. 4th: Nantes Rezé. 5th: Nantes, Carquefou, […]

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The Royal de Luxe will be putting on shows in Nantes in July and August

Royal de Luxe in Nantes, it will be from the 29th July to 20th August

The theater company returns to Nantes with 20 free performances of its new show “Miniatures” at Place de la Petite-Hollande. Royal de Luxe is back in her home this summer Nantes port. The company presents its new show, “Miniatures” from 29th July to the 20th August, at Place de la Petite-Hollande. 20 performances, free, are planned for […]

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Some strikers this morning in Donges.

Donges: The Oil Depot is Blocked by the Strikers

Fifteen strikers spent the day this Friday at the entrances of the oil depot SFDM and the Total refinery of Donges (Loire-Atlantique). They will also be on site tomorrow morning, Saturday. “No truck could not get in or out of the two sites,” explain these drivers of hazardous materials working for Lorcy companies Samat, Hautier etc. The call to […]

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