New repair cafe to open in Pornic

A Repair Cafe Opens in Pornic to give a Second Life to your Objects

A Repair cafe opens this Tuesday 20th June in Pornic. Originally, two friends who wanted to act for the environment while promoting social ties. A repair café is a place where volunteers help you repair your broken items, such as electrical appliances, clothes, bicycles, etc. It is an ecological and solidarity initiative that aims to reduce waste and share know-how. […]

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Spring carnival and funfair in Pornic

The Fun Fair Rides in Pornic

The Spring Carnival takes place on April 14 and 15. With him, the traditional funfair that settles around the old port of Pornic. Every year, thousands of spectators are expected in the streets of Pornic , where the traditional procession of decorated floatswill march to the rhythm of the fanfares , Sunday, April 14 and Monday, April 15. Streets closed to traffic […]

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Trignac One Dead in Plane crash 1

Trignac One Dead in Plane crash

Terrible accident this afternoon in Trignac. A light plane crashed on the bike path. The pilot is dead. The light passenger plane  took off from Montoir-de-Bretagne airport . According to witnesses, he would have gone into a spin by flying over the Emmaüs warehouse rue Baptiste Marcet, in the Altitude zone in Trignac.  A few meters further, at the Netter city near the […]

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The Symphony of the Seas returns to Saint-Nazaire this Sunday

Saint-Nazaire: The Largest Ocean Liner in the World Returns this Sunday

The largest ocean liner in the world, the Symphony of the Seas will point its bow off Saint-Nazaire early in the afternoon, Sunday, 18th February, for a manoeuvre around 4 pm. The banks of the Loire will not be as sunny as Saturday 17th February, but it will be good enough, this Sunday 18th February, […]

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A kangaroo has been captured in Pornic, Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique: A Small Kangaroo Captured in Pornic

This is perhaps the same kangaroo that had been seen wandering in the area in recent days … It’s been several days that a small kangaroo release was seen by residents in Retz , near the wildlife park Wild Planet, without ever being caught. And on Sunday, a wallaby, a related species of kangaroo but smaller, was again […]

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An extreme Fire risk warning has been issued for the Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique: Extreme Fire Risk Warning on Tuesday

The fire alert risk warning for vegetation goes to extreme level in the Loire-Atlantique for Tuesday 18th July, due to the drought. Today, Monday 17th July was already in the red. In a tweet, the  county fire service and emergency Loire-Atlantique (SDIS 44) indicates that this Tuesday, July 18, “ the Loire Atlantique passes extreme fire risk level.” […]

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The family lives in a house in Orvault, near Nantes.

Near Nantes, a Family is Gone, Blood Found in the House

The case is reminiscent of the Dupont family of Ligon. At Orvault, near Nantes, a couple and two children 18 and 20 years have not been heard from since the 17th February. Disappearance taken very seriously by the authorities. Traces of blood were found in the house. A small pavilion and flower garden crocus in […]

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