Legislative 2017: Sylviane Dégé, FN candidate in Mayenne

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Sylviane Dégé, candidate in the 2nd district of Mayenne, with his deputy Jean-Michel Cadenas, FN boss in Mayenne for legislative elections

The candidate, a member of the FN since 2012, launches her first campaign for the legislative elections in the 2nd district of Chateau-Gontier. Jean-Michel Cadenas, FN boss in Mayenne, is her deputy.

This is the first time Sylviane Dégé, aged 54, has campaigned in the Mayenne department in the context of parliamentary elections. A department where the Front National candidate has lived for 36 years and which she said is very attached.

In life, she is childminder and presents herself as a “divorced mother of five children.”

But also as “the eldest of a middle class family with leftist political orientation.” But it’s been a long time, she said, she “gives” her voice to the National Front. The party won 8.16% of votes in the first round in 2012, in the second district.

Projections of increasing the vote in the first round of presidential elections show that the FN has progressed here to reach 15.91%.

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