64 percent of the French are satisfied with Emmanuel Macron

64% of French Satisfied with Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe

SURVEY: The scores of the President and his Prime Minister are the same … Seven weeks after the Presidential election in France, Emmanuel Macron is still riding high. Sixty-four percent of the French are satisfied with the new head of state (+ 2% compared to May 2017) and Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister (+ 9%), according to an Ifop poll for the Journal […]

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According to two polls published on Thursday, the formation of Emmanuel Macron would win between 440 and 470 seats in the 577 national assembly.

Legislative Elections: Up to 470 deputies for Le Republique en Marche [Poll]

La Republique en Marche would win overwhelmingly on Sunday in the second round of Legislative parliamentary elections, according to two polls by Harris Interactive-and-Orpi OpinionWay, published on Thursday. Harris Interactive Poll-Careers The formation of Emmanuel Macron party, would win between 440 and 470 seats of the 577 in the National Assembly, Republicans allies IDUs from […]

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Are we heading towards parity in the National Assembly after Legislative Elections

Legislative Elections: Moving towards parity in the National Assembly?

EQUALITY: All obviously depends on the results of the second round … So far, the National Assembly was far from a parity model. In 2012, the Palais Bourbon had only 27% of women elected … what was already a “record”. This proportion is expected to increase significantly after the second round of legislative elections scheduled for Sunday. According to calculations […]

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More than a million people will vote in Legislative elections in Loire Atlantique

Legislative Elections: More than a Million Voters in Loire-Atlantique

In Loire-Atlantique, more than a million voters are asked to vote on Sunday in the first round of legislative elections. They have the choice between 156 candidates, a total of ten districts. How many districts in Loire-Atlantique? The Loire-Atlantique is divided into ten districts. 1st: Nantes, Orvault Sautron. 2nd: Nantes center. 3rd: Nantes, Saint-Herblain, Saint-Etienne-de-Montluc. 4th: Nantes Rezé. 5th: Nantes, Carquefou, […]

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Maryse Lépron, candidate for Lutte ouvrière in Legislative elections

Legislative in Mayenne: Maryse Lépron, candidate of Lutte Ouvrière

The librarian of the Maine-et-Loire is the candidate of Lutte Ouvrière, in the second district of Mayenne. Jean-Luc Placé is her deputy. “There is nothing to expect from governments. Whether of the right, left or center. “Maryse Lépron, librarian of 59 years of Trélazé (Maine-et-Loire), is the candidate of Lutte Ouvrière (LO) in the second district of Mayenne. […]

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Sylviane Dégé, candidate in the 2nd district of Mayenne, with his deputy Jean-Michel Cadenas, FN boss in Mayenne for legislative elections

Legislative 2017: Sylviane Dégé, FN candidate in Mayenne

The candidate, a member of the FN since 2012, launches her first campaign for the legislative elections in the 2nd district of Chateau-Gontier. Jean-Michel Cadenas, FN boss in Mayenne, is her deputy. This is the first time Sylviane Dégé, aged 54, has campaigned in the Mayenne department in the context of parliamentary elections. A department where the Front […]

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Christophe Fernandes and Léa Raimbault defend the colors of France Insoumise legislative of 11 and 18 June

Mayenne: Léa Raimbault, candidate France Insoumise in Legislative Elections

With her deputy, Christophe Fernandes, the thirty year old Léa Raimbault is standing for the third district of Mayenne in the legislative elections. They represent  France Insoumise. In the third district of Mayenne, France Insoumise will be represented in the legislative elections of the 11th and 18th June by Léa Raimbault, 30, and her deputy, Christophe […]

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List of candidates for the legislative elections in Mayenne

Legislative 2017: The Full List of Candidates in Mayenne

The parliamentary candidates had to declare before 6pm on Friday. The list of candidates in the three districts of Mayenne for the Legislative elections is now known. 1st district Philippe Habault, 58, unlabeled, surgeon, Deputy Mayor of Laval; Martine Amelin, 60, retired, (LO) Lutte ouvrière; Maël Rannou, 28, EELV – Europe Ecologie Les Verts, librarian Guillaume Garot, 51, […]

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Marine Le Pen is to stand as a candidate for the Legslative elections in Pas de calais

Legislative: Candidate Marine Le Pen in the Pas-de-Calais

The president of the Front National, Marine Le Pen announced on Thursday night on TF1 her candidacy for parliamentary elections in the 11th constituency of Pas-de-Calais. Challenged internally since losing in the second round of the presidential election faced Emmanuel Macron (66.1% – 33.9%), daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who is currently on the European […]

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Debout la France facing problems of identity for the Legislative elections

Legislative: After the short-lived alliance with the FN, Debout la France “will be very difficult to survive”

Temporary rallying of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for Marine Le Pen caused division in Debout la France and cascading resignations … The support of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for Marine Le Pen during the second round of the presidential elections continues to create divisions within Debout la France (DLF), even if a national party congress on Saturday, officially recorded […]

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