Storm: The Restored Electricity in Homes in Loire Atlantique

Local News
After the Sorms Leiv and Kurt, electricity has been restored to customers in the Loire Atlantique

At 6.30pm, Enedis (Ex-ERDF) announced that it had restored electricity to all households of Loire Atlantique and the entire region of the Loire Valley.

Since the passage of the storm Kurt and Leiv, many homes were without electricity in Loire Atlantique. Saturday February 4 at 2pm, there were still 900 private households in the current departement.  Enedis (Ex-ERDF) announces that at 6.30pm, the electricity should be restored to all of its customers in the department, as well as the entire region. 2300 homes were without power in the region at 2pm on Saturday.

Technicians were sent in solidarity to help their colleagues in the Poitou-Charentes and Aquitaine, currently suffering the onslaught of the storm.

The wind has blown a lot this Saturday in Loire-Atlantique, trees fell on the roads. But there are no casualties.

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