Marine Le Pen unveils her Program, not on its Financing

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Marine Le pen has unveiled details of their program for the Presidential elections

The Front National has unveiled the presidential program of Marine Le Pen, based on the foundations of the far-right party on immigration or compared to Europe, while wanting to be credible and enforceable in case of victory. But for accounting, encryption is rather summary …

The Front National Front unveiled today, Saturday the presidential program of Marine Le Pen, based on the foundations of the party of extreme right on immigration or compared to Europe, while wanting to be credible and enforceable in victory in May. “A realistic project” , supported the coordinator of this project, the technocrat Jean Messiha, in the gallery of “presidential foundation” meeting in Lyon by the FN to mark the official start of the National Front presidential campaign.

Renegotiation of EU treaties, currency …

At the head of the 144 proposals include the renegotiation of EU treaties that would, if the FN accession to power, the object of negotiations leading to a referendum on the membership of France to the European Union. The program does not clearly mention the end of the euro as the single currency, yet in the heart of the speech of Marine Le Pen’s party, but simply a return to the “monetary sovereignty” and the creation of a “national currency” .

The 24-page booklet includes other measures already developed in 2012 as the abrogation of the right soil, the promise of recruitments in the police and the gendarmerie, a drastic reduction of immigration, the abolition of medical State aid allocated to undocumented foreigners.

“National Priority registrant” in the Constitution

There is also talk of “economic patriotism” and “intelligent protectionism” . And, as in 2012, Marine Le Pen proposes to introduce a “national priority” of reserving the benefits, such as employment, housing or education, only to French nationals. The right-wing candidate also plans to create an “additional tax on hiring foreign employees”, without giving time for the details on the amounts thus collected.

This principle, that the FN baptizing earlier “national preference” would be included in the Constitution along with the decrease in the number of parliamentary or elimination of regional councils, provided that the revision is approved by referendum. “The goal of this project is to first make his liberty to France and speak to the people” , wrote Le Pen in the preamble of its programmatic booklet making there echoed his campaign slogan, “On behalf of the people “.

Some measures of the 2012 program have disappeared

Other proposals of 2012, which helped to fuel the image of a extreme party, have instead gone, starting with the promise of a referendum on the restoration of the death penalty, which has been replaced with the will to establish a life sentence without parole.  The FN 2017 mean, according to the conquest of power tactics designed by Marine Le Pen since its takeover of the party itself as a responsible and capable of forming a government for the presidential election in the month of May.

Where are the numbers?

In its current version, the FN project however has few figures, particularly regarding the financial framework. Only four pages – against double in 2012 – devoted to it.

In 2012, Marine Le Pen held a press conference two hours watering journalists numbers and longer technical demonstrations, in order to lend credibility to the project. An eight-page document tables with detailed budget items had been disclosed in stride.

This year it will take. David Rachline however said to our colleagues at the Express that “a specific document encryption will follow” .

All polls agree the president of the party in first place in the first round of presidential elections, with about a quarter of the vote, but also give her to be systematically beaten in the second round, whatever her opponent.

Candidates must say Sunday her first campaign speech in closing the “foundation” of Lyon.

Marine Le Pen program:


– Renegotiate European treaties in order to make France its “sovereignty” and organize, at the end of these negotiations, a referendum on membership in the European Union.

– Restore a national currency.

– Get out of the Schengen area.

– Remove the European flag in public places.


– Submit a revision of the Constitution (registration of “national priority” , reducing the number of parliamentarians, removal of regional councils, in particular) in a referendum.


– Repeal the Labour Law.

– Establish a middle rate of corporation tax to 24% for SMEs.

– Tax reductions on overtime.

– Decrease of 5% regulated tariffs for gas and electricity.

– Back on the withholding tax.

– Reduce by 10% the income tax for the first three tranches.

– Eliminate taxes for donations parenting 100 000 every five years, against 15 years at present.

– Institute a 3% tax on imports and donate the proceeds to employees earning up to 1,500 euros per month.

– Bring the legal age of retirement at 60, with a threshold of 40 years of contributions to receive a full pension.


– Creating a sovereign fund under the supervision of the Caisse des Depots et Consignations, which will aim to protect French companies “vulture funds” and hostile takeovers.

– 30% increase in the government budget allocated to research.

– Facilitate funding of the Treasury with the Bank of France.

– Nationalize the motorway companies.

– Focus on French companies to public orders if the price difference is reasonable.


– Reduce the net migration of 10,000 people per year.

– Remove the right soil.

– Repeal Medical aid of State allocated to illegal aliens.


– Inclusion in the Constitution “national priority” , of reserving the benefits to French nationals in employment or housing.

– Book priority social housing French nationals.

– Establish a tax applicable to contracts of foreign employees.


– To recruit 15,000 police and gendarmes and 6,000 customs officers.

– Restore the minimum sentences.

– Delete the payment of social benefits for repeat offenders of parents.

– Establish a mandatory life sentence for the most serious crimes.

– Create 40,000 extra prison places over the five year term.

– Automatically expel foreign criminals and offenders.

– Kick and ban the entry into the territory to binational “bound (s) to a jihadi sector” .


– Increase the defense budget to 2% of GDP in the first year and 3% target at the end of five years.

– Order a second aircraft carrier.

– Increase the size of the army of about 50,000 soldiers.

– Restore the military, with a mandatory minimum of three months.

– Leave the integrated command of NATO.

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