Near Nantes, a Family is Gone, Blood Found in the House

Local News
The family lives in a house in Orvault, near Nantes.

The case is reminiscent of the Dupont family of Ligon. At Orvault, near Nantes, a couple and two children 18 and 20 years have not been heard from since the 17th February. Disappearance taken very seriously by the authorities. Traces of blood were found in the house.

A small pavilion and flower garden crocus in a street of La Ferriere, Orvault. This is where the family lives “without stories, discreet or even remote” according to the neighborhood. Thursday night, the police raided the premises, alerted by the sister of the mother who had not heard from since one week.

No news since 16th or 17th February

None of the family members has gone from telephone communication “on 16th or 17th February,” says Pierre seine, the public prosecutor of Nantes. The 18 year old daughter and 20 year old son have nothing posted on social networks. Colleagues of the father, 49, a native of Brest, employee of the company Arlux Orvault and mother, employed at the Nantes tax office, have not seen them in their work. The latter was to resume work Monday after a few days off.

A missing vehicle

In the house, the police found a notebook family phones. And, thereon, traces of blood. “Other traces of blood were found in a room of the house,” says the prosecutor. “This is a matter that concerns us. These traces have us believe, at least, a violent episode. But no direction is privileged to stage. ”  Two of the three family cars stationed there, were seized by police. It lacks the third vehicle, that of the son, found.

A colleague: “This is really a disappearance …”

This case resonates with a particular echo in the Nantes police. It was six years ago, a survey was starting on the same basis. A missing family. Some blood. The case, which had proved totally out standards, was that of the demise of the Dupont family of Ligon.

On Facebook, a colleague of the father, who works in the same company, reacted Friday night:“My colleague is not on vacation, for sure this is really a loss… .. “

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