In the Troadec case, the body parts were found on the banks of the Alder, in Pont-de-Buis, in Brittany, where the police searches were concentrated. | Yves-Marie Quemener

Troadec Case: Fragments of Four Bodies Found at Pont-de-Buis

The fragments of four different victims were found around the farm of the suspect, Hubert Caouissin in Pont-de-Buis, Finistere. The results of DNA analyzes will know next week if he is indeed the four members of the Troadec family. Pierre seines, public prosecutor of Nantes, is categorical: “In view of the first autopsy, four different […]

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In the Troadec case, the police have completed their search in Finistère

Troadec Case: In Pont-de-Buis, the Search is Completed

Friday morning at Pont-de-Buis (Finistère), research farm Hubert Caouissin, alleged murderer of the family Troadec seem complete. The police presence was lifted and the property is placed under seal. Friday morning at Pont-de-Buis (Finistère), farm Lydie Troadec and Hubert Caouissin, alleged murderer of Troadec family, is surrounded by a thick fog. up police presence At […]

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In the Troadec case, more human remains have been found

Troadec case: A Hypothetical Treasure, other Human Remains

Investigators are still trying to determine whether a “treasure” is hidden behind the murder of four members of the Troadec family in Orvault (Loire-Atlantique), including new remains which were found Thursday in the farm of the main suspect in Pont-de-Buis-lès-Quimerch (Finistère). The treasure. The loot. Gold. The mother of Pascal Troadec, the father murdered, and […]

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This Thursday, the research focuses on the banks of the Alder in the Trodec Case

Troadec Case: Search Resumes in Pont-de-Buis

Inspectors and technicians of the judicial police joined Thursday’s search of the farm Stang in the Troadec case, at the hamlet of Logonna-Quimerc’h in Pont-de-Buis (Finistère), where Hubert Caouissin and Lydia Troadec lived. The man is suspected of murdering four members of the family Troadec in Orvault (Loire-Atlantique). Yesterday, human remains and jewelry were found near the […]

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Humain remains have been found, possibly of the missing family from Nantes

Troadec case: Human Remains Found in Pont-de-Buis

Research carried out this morning in the presence of Hubert Caouissin, the man suspected of killing and the missing Troadec family from Orvault near were successful, according to a source familiar with the matter. Research carried out this morning in the presence of Hubert Caouissin, the man suspected of killing and the missing family Troadec […]

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Troadec Case: prosecutor press conference this Monday, March 6

Troadec Case: The Detention Required for the Ex Brother-in-Law and Girlfriend

The prosecutor Pierre Seines makes a press conference briefing on Monday, March 6 at 5pm, following the recent confession of the former brother-in-law of Pascal Troadec in Case of the Missing family in Nantes. The prosecution requested the provisional detention of the suspect and his companion. The brother-Pascal Troadec confessed Sunday 5th March, during his custody, […]

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How they tried to get rid of the bodies of the missing Troadec family missing near Nantes

Missing Family near Nantes: How he tried to remove the bodies

The brother-in-law of Pascal Troadec confessed on Sunday 5th March, and admitted killing four members of the Troadec family, missing since February 16th from near Nantes. He would have beaten them with a crowbar before transporting the bodies to Brittany. Did he come to do battle in Orvault? Or did he drive 350 km to […]

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Missing family near Nantest. Former brother-in-law confessed to the quadruple murder

Missing Family near Nantes: Former Brother in Law Confessed to the Quadruple Murder

The former brother-in-law of Pascal Troadec confirmed during his custody, he killed the evening of February 16, his former brother-in-law of Pascal and the latter’s wife, Brigitte, and their two children.The information was confirmed by the public prosecutor of Nantes. Pascal’s Troadec sister says she was not involved in this quadruple homicide. While a week ago, […]

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The murder of the missing family near Nantes was over a dispute of inheritance

Missing Family near Nantes: A Dispute over Inheritance

As shown since Thursday a source close to the investigation in Finistère, the investigators emphasize from this weekend the family were in a dispute over family inheritance with Pascal Troadec, the father of the missing family in Nantes.  His sister and her former partner, already heard at length by police this Friday 24th February, are […]

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All members of the family Troadec disappeared since 17 February near Nantes. The car of the son was found Thursday in Saint-Nazaire.

Missing Family near Nantes: Several People Reported Seing the Son, Sébastien

Investigators found the car of Sebastian, the son of Troadec family in Saint-Nazaire. But it has been thoroughly cleaned and – for now – no blood was found inside … Moreover, several people have reported to police they saw Sébastien, but investigators are cautious in interpreting these accounts. Investigators found the car of Sebastian, the […]

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