Finistère: Orange Alert for High Waves and Flooding

Local News
Finistère is placed vigilance orange wave submersion weather on Tuesday 28th February.

Finistère is placed on Orange alert for wave submersion on Tuesday 28th February. With the wind and strong high tides, the prefecture does not recommend taking to the sea

The department is placed in orange alert for wave phenomenon flooding on Tuesday 28th February. The west wind is getting stronger on the Atlantic coast and Channel input and generates strong waves and a significant raising of the sea level at high tide.

Tips Prefecture

This high tide is added to the already high sea levels, in a context of strong tidal coefficients (102 103 Tuesday morning and tonight). The prefect invites everyone to be cautious and issued several instructions: do not go to sea, as far as possible, do not drive by the sea and avoid proximity to beaches and shores where pounding rollers, protect watercraft.

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