Caen: It will be even Colder Tomorrow

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It will be even colder tomorrow in the Caen area of France

The cold wave has already been here this Tuesday, January 17, 2017. But tomorrow Wednesday is worse!  The Meteo France weather station of Carpiquet announces temperatures to minus 4 degrees and 3 degrees at the hottest time of day. But all this with a big sun.

It is not about storing thick sweaters, mittens and hats. The cold wave announced by Météo France will continue from Wednesday and the weekend. The Meteo France weather station at Carpiquet-Caen has announced that tomorrow Wednesday 18th January, will be minus 4 degrees for the lowest temperatures of the day and no more than 3 degrees at the warmerest part of the day, Although it will be brigh and sunny. But with winds slightly stronger at 15 km/h whereas this Tuesday, they are 5 km/h, it will feel a lot colder.

The forecast Caen Carpiquet for this week.

Temperatures that fall below normal, began to fall on Tuesday and continue to drop tomorrow throughout France.

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