Beware the Ice! Road Accidents Increase on Friday in the West

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Ice and thick fog in the West of France is causing many road accidents

Friday morning, patches of ice appeared in several departments of Brittany, Normandy and Loire Valley. Finistere was particularly affected, but also the Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan. Some accidents were also reported in Loire-Atlantique and the Orne.

Beware the ice and fog on Friday morning in the West. Police and firefighters are calling for vigilance. From about 4 am, patches of ice have formed on many roads and accidents, multiply.

In the Finistère, firefighters were called for at least thirty accidents between 4 am and 7.30 am. All roads, primary or secondary are affected by the ice storm and emergency services call for greater vigilance. At Brest, there has also been a road accident at the Spadium . Three vehicles were involved. Traffic was disrupted on the bridge of Iroise, in the direction Quimper-Brest.

In Ille-et-Vilaine, more than a dozen accidents related to ice and fog have also been reported on the same time slot. Sectors of Vitré, Liffré, Melesse or the Chapelle-Bouëxic are particularly affected by the ice storm but also many other roads in the department;

In Morbihan, drivers had to scrape car windows this morning. “Every department is concerned by the ice storm”, assure the police that calls for vigilance.  Several accidents have occurred all over the Morbihan department. According to the operational center for fire and rescue, about fifteen accidents occurred.

Ice in the west of France, causing road accidents

In Nantes, beware of fog, slippery roads and poor visibility. Before leaving, take a quick look on the map of traffic in real time.

Orne, some road accidents also took place because of the ice on Friday morning. Sectors of Pacé, the Ferte-Mace and Perche are concerned but also other axes of the department.

Ice warning for the West of France causing road accidents

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