Brest: Accident at the Spadium

Local News
Accident at the Spadium in Brest, disrupted traffic on the bridge of Iroise.

An accident occurred this morning at the Spadium in Brest. Three vehicles were involved. Traffic was disrupted on the bridge of Iroise, in the direction of  Quimper-Brest.

An accident occurred this morning at 7.25 am, at the Spadium. In the direction of Quimper-Brest, three vehicles were involved. The vehicles have all lost control on the ice that has formed on the roads during the night throughout Brest.

Traffic Backlog on the bridge

The police were quickly on the site of the accident and a tow truck was called. There were no injuries reported.

Due to the accident, there has been a buildup of traffic and this is causing a backlog on the bridge of Iroise, and a slowdown was observed several kilometers on the N165 up to Plougastel.

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